Friday, January 11, 2008

The Good ShiP Lollipop

it's a puzzle.
it's 2008.
and shit is different.
once again.

i don't know why shit has to be so tumultuous for me.
but it always is.
up and down.
up and down.
fucking hell, you'd think shit would change, shit would get better.
i mean, shit has gotten better.
i shouldn't be dissing on the good shit.
there's a lot of good shit, overall more good shit than bad.
but at the moment, the good shit is nowhere.
not now.
not here.

but i want the good shit back.
there's always compromise, adjustment, and stuff, for the good shit.
and i realize all that.

i'm up for it.
i'm aware.
i'm down with knowing the bad shit and good shit coexist.
you can't have all of one or the other.

but damn, enough with the bad shit.

i want so much more of the Good ShiP Lollipop.

how to attain?
how to acquire?

buckle down.
hunker down.
step it up.
get it together.
work it.
work it hardcore.
make that shit happen.
the Good ShiP Lollipop.
gotta make that shit happen.

peeps seem more down in the dumpster.
or maybe that's my perception.
cuz i'm biased.
being part of that dumpster gang.
not so much.
but enough to sustain dumpsterness for the duration.

fucking dumpsters.
anti that.

so you feel me on that Good ShiP Lollipop scene then?
Shit's gotta get better.

look that way.
Good ShiP's comin' in.

bitch it might be.
bitch it might be.

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teemoney said...

Good ShiP is here!