Saturday, March 15, 2008

God Is In His Holy Temple

The very scary Reverend Kane in the very stupid Poltergeist II: The Other Side is on right this very second on AMC.

Ol' Reverend Kane certainly liked his hats, both on sunny and rainy days.

Even his teeth were scary.

And it should seem obvious about the whole library thing.

See the good Reverend in action above.
Withstanding the godawful trailer for the duration is simultaneously your punishment and good for your soul.



AE said...

Are you lost, sweetheart? Jesus Christ. Thanks for the nightmares, Tim.

True story: The first time I ever used iTunes, ever at all, I was alone on the top floor of Mike's old apartment just trying to turn on some music while I cooked. I switched his iTunes to shuffle, hit play, and THAT AUDIO CLIP CAME ON. It scared the crap out of me. I switched the speakers off and dove downstairs. I still am afraid to touch Mike's iTunes.

Ted Rheingold said...

Leeeeettttt mmmeeeeeeee IIIINNNNNNNNN!

Anonymous said...

Two interesting things:
1) Check out the Kainish reverend in this Cabaret Voltaire video from '83
2) The Kain character was played by New York renaissance man
Julian Beck,
who founded The Living Theatre in the '60s, which became a direct influence on the confrontational style of Jim Morrison. Apparently, Beck was diagnosed with stomach cancer in '82 and died in '84, so he played the Kain role while dying and didn't live to see the film released.