Monday, January 05, 2009

Back At Ritual Roasters

i guess i come here when i need to get motivated in an atmosphere conducive to what makes me tick.
never mind that the red bar at the top of the monitor says this laptop will die soon.
it will have to be for a minute.
so i'm back here, thinking, pondering, feeling bummed and so on, about my current employment status.
there is only one reason i am here at Noon on the first Monday in January. Laid off yet again.
Jeez, i'm becoming a broken record of myself. i worked three contract gigs in 2008. here i am again.
Sitting here drinking what should be exceptional coffee (just mediocre today - but i don't blame the barista, coffee changes from day to day).
i like people-watching here, that's for sure. A funny conglomeration of various peoples in various economic and employed and unemployed states.
i'm constantly wondering about what these people are doing. The woman with the square, curious face and recently cut blunt bob haircut just walked out, and i wonder where she's going. heading south on Valencia is all i know.
There's the guy i often see here, spiky hair, sits in the same spot often while typing away at his MacBook Pro, now standing in line for what is likely his second or third coffee while he works.
weird how working around other people makes one more motivated, or at least, that's the people who come here subscribe to. i would likely belong to this same camp, though my issue is almost always about my lack of battery power on my laptop. There are no plugs to use here, a smart idea by the business owner if she wants to keep people moving in and out of the chairs here. Not to mention the PG&E charges she's avoiding.

There's a whole table of people of widely ranging ages in front of me
and now my battery is about to die, just as i hear happy birthday greetings to my left. dammit.


roman said...

Working ppl is the best motivation you can get, apart from not having Internet access. And this is by the way the best method for my Mac to save power I need to write. Wireless networking is a dog when it comes to memory consumption – just eating everything away.

Chloe Sparkle said...

I know how you feel.