Friday, February 14, 2003

skin those furless melons

today was the day that i received some shit because of my small bladder.
see, i drank entirely too much in the way of beverages. i get that way sometimes. i am a beverage-a-holic.

drinking is my speciality. if i could consume all my daily vitamins and minerals necessary for survival via liquids, life would be a better place for me.
alas, it is hard.
so very hard.

today is the one-year anniversary of me falling while DJing at home and breaking my toe.
i could be the only DJ in modern history to have hurt myself so severly while spinning at home.

i have pictures.

back to the matter.
i'm currently working this temp job and the place i work at, well shit, people should be a LITTLE more laid back. come on now! it's a fucking music site!
on the other hand, these are the people that have managed to hang onto their jobs, so they should also be commended for their commitment. so done.
still, i had drank/drunk some coffee at home, then some more at work, then large coke at lunch which drank entire contents of, then scored a refill on the way out (you don't want to know where i ate. just know it wasn't mcdonalds, burger king or wendy's. it wasn't necessarily fast food but is still a fast food like chain. fuck).
a lot of beverages, as you can see. plus i keep a bottle of water nearby at all times, for periodic refreshment.
well, see, when you drink this much, you tend to have to pee more often too. and since i have a "weak bladder" (according to many of my friends and enemies), i am constantly hitting the head, as it were, more often than most.
so, being that it's um, this company, they have it set up like fucking Oz or some shit. i need a card to get back into the area where i'm working when i go to the bathroom.
because it's in a more public area, and since i am not a full-time worker but a lowly temp, with an extended assignment status..yay!...i don't even have a fucking badge at all.

this should be a lesson to me, not to drink very much at work.
i could try to pull the "let's go the bathroom together" trick with someone, but only women tend to do that, and since i'm not a woman, the conversation cannot continue as we step in front of our respective urinals and evacuate the excess liquid waste.

so this new woman is at the front desk. she's not my usual pal, jantine (yes, that's her name - dutch, i'm told), who usually lets me in and out for my lunch and restroom needs.

see, cuz i don't have an access card that can get me in.
i have to fucking call the front desk each day from the front door, via speakerphone.
but that's usually no problem.

google me.
fellow circle workers.
christ, i should not have eaten that gigantor burger earlier. but it felt right at the time.
see, this is my problem. constant regret. constant worrying. ugh! sucko mucho.

funny, i say a lot of things in my writer voice (like "ugh" or "darn" or "shucks, my dog ate my toothpaste") that i don't in real life.
this is more my real voice i believe.

talking is so 20th century.

peeing in the trough is always a good time, especially with ice.
phoenix does this. the irish pub on valencia. so not my scene. it was great.

cd burning never felt more important to me than it does right now.

the first day i worked at digital city, some white marina-looking business guy freaked out on this latino dude and threw coffee in his face. never saw that happen before. neat. sorry about the guy's face though. that could not have felt good.

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