Monday, February 17, 2003

yeah, even i'm sort of afraid of what might happen if some fucking weapon drops here.
and shit, it could. i mean, it's not like i'm sitting here every day going "oh fuck, i better hide and get ready for armageddon."
on the contrary. as a coworker of mine recently said "we'll just figure out a way to deal with it if it happens."
and he's right of course.
sounds a bit trite, but the will to survive will win out.
stick that in your pipe and blow it.

tina's birthday weekend was a success. i must say.
the ouchy thing at pho 84 in oakland was great.
the whole restaurant went dead silent. it was awesome.
ouchy "i believe we have a date" or something.

the woman next to us "that's a sex clown or something. i hope she knows him."
yes, she was middle-aged.
but good natured nonetheless. ah, ouchy the clown. so funny.

the funniest part was after ouchy had "kidnapped" tina. everybody in the restaurant (it's fairly small) was buzzing, talking, looking at me. i was of course, calmly sipping my wine and waiting to pay the check.
even dan clowes (yes, the guy who did the "ghost world" graphic novel turned film) was there to witness it. ha!

so yeah, it was fun. tina dug it for sure. and i managed to keep it a total surprise.

i met up with ouchy and tina later on at his pad in oaktown, not far from us actually.
yes, it's true. ouchy has a home and all that stuff.
ouchy has a posse.

fun fun fun.
so we hung with ouchy for a bit...actually we were over there the whole night. so great too because i managed to never divulge the secret, which is pretty amazing for a blabbermouth like me.
yep yep.
also scored a caterpillar/centipede (not sure which) loofa, which was funny, some lemon grass soap, some very interesting books (particularly "femalia" - google it) and other stuff.
she dug it.
saturday was chill time for both of us, as tina relaxed and fell a bit ill as well...more allergies/cold like shit.
i went to matthew herbert saturday night, which was amazing.
ok, not AMAZING as he is live (like in detroit last year or in SF a couple years back at the great american). but he's still better than most.

and i'm so not feeling a lot of the dj shit being thrown out these days.
it's all the same.
i mean, i LOVE to dj, but i don't like to dj like the normal peeps, playing the same fuckin' beat for two hours.
yeah, tough yo.

jus kickin it.


well, back to tha matta at hand.
yesterday, we missed the war protest (i know, we suck) but hey, we had a birthday party to get to.
tina's bowling party at the presidio turned out to be a lot o fun.
a good crowd o peeps turned out fo tha event, i must say, and an interesting mixture at that, which i am always down for.
mix all these different people up, let them mix and watch what happens.

after bowling for dollars (i got a 164 in my second game, tina and i tied at 112 on the first and the third, i think i got 116 or 117 - seem i'm wildly inconsistent).

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