Thursday, September 25, 2003

the new liz phair ep is actually pretty good. imagine that. not overproduced shite, and it's as raunchy and fucked up as ever. we love you liz after all. and we think you're hot as fuck too.

things certainly are changing for mr. goodbar, now aren't they?

don't you ever wonder about cheese whiz anymore?

why aren't you getting smarter?
why aren't you getting dumber?

you despise me.
you are me.
you stink.
you smell.
you are a whaler.

of the worst kind.
stinketh for you.

and you and ewe and vouz.

punish me for i am sick, am i?
how high? why nigh?
pie hole hi?
my my my.
get on your knees and pray.
we won't get fooled again.

thanks and allah bless.


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