Tuesday, September 09, 2003

fuck you i'm back.
lots of cool shit relating to sound of late, which i'll link downward way.


so much so much. fuck you.

dressy bessy (Kindercore) - advertises as being similar to new pornographers and breeders. um, not really. super super cute lead pixie vocalist does look good in her blue vintage dress but her bandmates don't seem quite so up to snuff, looks whys. but hey, i'm superficial. no really, music is kind of boring. just sits there like a dead frog underneath a large stone.
blah rock.

we travel in titular waters today, my friends.
i always wanted to say that to my shipmates.

the willful, conscious change in behavior can and may result in eventual unconsious adoption of said behavioral change. like say, deciding to stick out your tongue when doing something that may be potentially vexing or troublesome; grunting in a low gutteral growl when picking something up that's extremely heavy because you heard arnold schwarzenegger do it as Conan The Barbarian/Destroyer in the early 80s and it sounds pretty tough; consciously changing my penmanship to be all capital letters, because i saw a kid near me do it when i was in the 8th grade in my homeroom class at grand rapids baptist academy.
yes, friends you too can make a difference in your life. if you want to.
just ask me.
and look where it's taken me.

back to music reviewing...

Mojave 3 Spoon And Rafter (4AD)
i've never been much of a fan of bellwether rock (see description and pat on the back below).
you know, the agonizingly slow mope rock of bands such as Low or, uh, well mojave 3. comprised (and composed) of former members of the (better) band slowdive, that 90s-era shoegazer shit that was cool for awhile. anyway, mojave 3 ain't so moving me. sure, the folksy acoustic style earthy rock is delivered with real coolness, all mellow and forthright still, but it's like listening to pineapples playing music. not much happens. not that pineapples are living beings that can play instruments. but mojave 3, they ain't doing much. almost music for almost people. works out great. fuck you.

i have a sweatshirt underneath my left arm and you don't.

i'm standing at a kiosk in my home and you're not.

i came up with the description "bellwether rock" to describe bands like Mojave 3 and Low, who play slower-than-a-sloth sparse mope rock, with a bit of folksiness thrown in to "keep it real" (thanks to inclusion of banjo, harmonica, twizzler, washboard and other cheap-ass 'americana' type shit).

that band kings of leon, they getting all the hype right now.
you know what? they fucking SUCK.
i hate them now. and their stupid haircuts and facial hair. the followil brothers. lame.
young and stupid and getting big egos way too soon. they're trying too hard to be cool.
and what's with caleb's vocals? ronny van zant crossed with duane allman and bruce lee.

my morning jacket? more hype. they sound like a poor man's wilco, which, could be worse. jury is still out on them for me.

new matmos "civil war" is fucking bizarro. and then some. they sample 19th century folk songs and americana related flammery (flammery is a GREAT 18th/19th century aristocratic term, basically a synonym for "bullshit" - i picked it up from that film "the madness of king george"), and of course, civil war era folk songs are its chief subject. we have a concept experimental electronic album. on the civil war. listened to it just once and it's megawattage fucked up.

-- break --
a kitty just stuck his/her head into my skylight, of which, i'm near here in ol' no. 25.
two nights in a row. good kitty.
ok. i must find music.

unofficial birthday list
one year closer to being dead! humans sure are mortal!

more underwear
more socks that are footies
CD-R cases
More time
Clone of Tim Pratt
Subscription to Magnet
extensive access to smut
the ability to rename all "Shops" as "Shoppes," at will
a health club membership to rid myself of my "spare tire"
Peets espresso machine (w/ live barrista on call 24/7/365) downstairs in my home
the ability to eat more vegetables
one of the rings around Saturn (or Jupiter - i'm not picky)
testicle de-itcher
handy wet wipes
the ability to not eat or sleep, if necessary
use the word "shat" in conversation and not get embarrassed about it
make love to honkasses

great thing to have on a shirt:
yeah, i fucked her too

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