Friday, June 23, 2006

Superman Is No Hero

OK, well, here are some things of merit of some degree.

People often accuse me of swearing too fucking much.
i don't apologize. I'm the decider here mother fuckers.

i'm mad as hell and i'm not going to take it anymore.

But none of that shit above this sentence matters right now.

We are going to celebrate the joy of the interweb with cool-as-shit links that people will fucking love.

recently i saw a ghostbusters jacket i really wanted.
i ain't afraid of no ghost.

I Rule
The new Dabrye album kicks major ass
what not to say to a dj

There's this cool girl i know who says I'm a hoarder.
She may be right.
She may be crazy.

But neither her nor I just may be the fool you're looking for.

Supreme Time Waster
Useful tips for tooth brushers everywhere and there too
christian pirate puppets (how can you go wrong?)
Files Are Not for Sharing, y'see ...
Definitely Not a Proud Moment (NSFW!)
Definitely one of the weirdest ads you've ever seen (do you think the producers of this may have dabbled in some psychedelics?)
Watch out for the skull fucker
mentos, the super awesome freshmaka when combined with delicious diet coke
Small in number but mighty
Unicorns need it too
Fast Forward to the end for mr. prince rogers nelson
damn fine tuneful kitty
William Shatner Is the Supreme Rocketman, yo
i see dead computers
this could come in handy sometime - how to back up your blog.
remix brian eno & david byrne album and post that shit
it's official - lindsay lohan has a firecrotch
daft punk at coachella - insane
find parking via the interweb - this will be a lot easier when wi-fi is citywide.
tommy lasorda really likes to say fuck (NSFW!)
how to watch FIFA World Cup live on your PC
robots are smarter than you

News that Fucking Matters
heroin sucks ass
Best press photos of the year great stuff here
Sorry for being a fucking frat boy moron, blindie

He is the Reason for the Season

Speaking of ... Christ, this is gnarly. And scary. So much for public transit.

this is a cool thing

it's not you, it's me...oh IS you

Loose Change - the potential reality behind 9/11. scary stuff is raised here. it's really long but well worth it.

whatever happened to shep pettibone?

video blogging

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