Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Big Bone Lick Survives

Big Bone money stays

And we all know how important the continued survival of Big Bone Lick State Park is for Boone County, Kentucky.

"Governor Beshear sees the importance of Big Bone. It's wonderful to see that he recognizes what a jewel it is," said Nancy Jordan Blackmore, who along with her husband owns Jane's Saddlebag (notice the URL Jane's has), an attraction near the park.

Don't forget to check out the handy dandy Big Bone Lick band of the same name!

And this couple from the prehistoric scene are SO down they get to stay put. One love.


Mike_R said...

BIG BONE LICK is mere minutes from where I grew up. We had more than one party at BBL.

heather said...

nice intarweb trolling, man. you rule.