Thursday, February 21, 2008

Katt Williams!

Yes, all 4 Katt Williams shows were sold out at Oakland's Paramount Theatre.
But Teemoney and I didn't care.
We were gonna see our man Katt.
Sure enough, we waltz in to the box office and ask hopefully "Do you by chance have any tickets for tonight?"(big venues usually release some tickets right before showtime that were being saved for various corporate and press purposes).
The woman smiled at us and obviously could tell we were really really wanting to see Katt.
"Why yes we do! How does 8th row sound?
Um, wow!
And he brought the house down like we knew he would.

I love Katt Williams. He's one of the harshest comedians out there and I love him for it. He speaks his mind, speaks the truth and just goes way above and beyond what you expect.

No, honestly, Katt Williams is, without question, one of the funniest comedians i've ever seen and somehow manages to also give his audiences a positive self-help message in the process while hammering home his ideals amidst scores of funny anecdotes and observations.

I'm including three clips, the first being PG-13 because it was originally broadcast on BET, the second and third from an HBO special last year and are extremely harsh with a whole LOT of NSFW language.

Go Katt Go!



Katt Williams Making Fun Of Michael Jackson


Mike_R said...

Nice work on the ticket coup. Way to take a chance. know this is coming....because its what i do. I'm kinda Like John Waters...only for Cincinnati....Katt Williams- Cincinnati native! (raised in Dayton)

For all I know he hates the Queen City and rants about it, but still.

Lady Di said...

Now I would never have thought of that plot to get into a sold out Katt show. Thanks for that as he is due April in my city. I hope I can afford him by then as it's not sold out as yet. I last called and was on row M. I'm sure that's gone now.