Tuesday, July 08, 2003

i sawr a film today, ohhh boy.

actually, yesterday, and the day before that.

first, i am currently listening to a waveform ambient compilation and i cannot believe how "Eyes of Love" by Jaziac Sunflowers on this sounds sooo much like the kool & the gang song "summer" or something like that...the same song that dj jazzy jeff and fresh prince sample in "summertime."
it's crazy, there's no mistaking the similarity. or the outright copy of it.


so yeah...movies.
i watched like 37,000 movies this weekend. i don't watch a ton of movies much, so it was kinda cool for a change of pace.
here's the rundown:

"winged migration" - saw in theatre. amazing zen-like film following various birds around the world as they migrate. i loved it. so unlike anything i've ever seen.

"adaptation" with nicolas cage, tilda swinton (who i find attractive..maybe it's the red hair and english accent), meryl streep, chris cooper (who was great). i think cooper won an academy award for that role. pretty solid, though the "movie within a movie" thing got old. but still pretty clever. despite the fairly obvious "ha ha ha we're playing with you" ending, i thought it was fine. for once i didn't totally hate nicolas cage, just somewhat. cage is SUCH a phony.

"Monster's Ball" with Billy Bob Thornton and Halle Berry. at First, some amazing sex scenes supposedly filled with a whole lotta pain.
but the movie as a whole couldn't stand on its own two feet. lots of lame shit that either wasn't believable or as i said yesterday, not coherent.
i cannot fucking believe halle berry won an academy award for this shite. it just doesn't sit right, and my god, it had p. fucking diddy as her husband who's executed (for what, we never find out). who in their right mind would hire his ass to be an actor?
then there's the heath ledger role in which he shoots himself in the chest.

or then halle's fat son is hit by a car. really lame and not necessary.
the movie just seemed too weighted down by overwrought pain.
billy bob was ok, but too many inconsistencies and just plain stupid unbelievable shit happening.

"8 Mile" - finally saw the detroit flick, which was quite good, i must say...i dug it, actually. good story, well-written, kept my interest, was believable, and eminem was good - much better than i would have ever expected - though he was basically playing himself.
Kim Basinger was quite good, Brittany Murphy less so, basically playing a money-grubbing slut. brittany is such a fucking tart. she needs to go.�

"Vanilla Sky"
yeah yeah yeah, fucking tom cruise. i think this has a good premise but something just isn't right about it. it gets a little confusing. i've seen it before but tina had never seen it...and then she ended up falling asleep on it anyway. i like the beginning when he's running in times square and there isn't a single soul around. i want to see the original actually. i've been told it's superior to this.

Last night, watched:
"death to smoochy" - better than i expected but just so-so. some funny lines. it seems like it was the kind of movie (actually, i can't even believe it was made) that they didn't know who to market it to, so they added all this other shit to it and just ends up being kind of a mess. yet, there's humor there.

"Decline of Western Civilization part II: The Metal Years" oh my god. this was fucking hilarious. unbelievable how bad some of the bands were too. shot in 87-88 in LA, it shows all the would-be hair metal stars (and some actual stars) as they shoot for the top. i love how all the shitty no -name bands are like "oh, we're gonna make it. there's nothing else i can do with my life." and none of them made it. great flick.

Important fact to be explored later
Parking attendants are traitors to the human race. I really believe this. I'm not kidding.

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Anonymous said...

I was just listening to the Jaziac track on Groove Salad and thought the same thing - although I only connected it to the Fresh Prince version, I didn't know they sampled from someone before.