Monday, July 21, 2003

Morning Drivetime
By Tim Pratt

Woke up this morning, feeling fine...Something tells me i'm into something good.
Herman's Hermit's

i find myself singing this song this morning as i'm greeted with one of the more chipper Mondays I've encountered in some time.
Every interaction i've had this morning has been unusually cheerful, cordial and just plain "Woo Hoo" (which seems to be the hot new catchphrase of the moment).

i was thinking to myself as i walked up into here that "damn, there's always a lot of people hanging out waiting in front of Ross Dress For Less each day. Always women. That's interesting."

Second, i was thinking that people like talk radio in the morning because it can be comforting, a way to cheer you up when you're just waking up.
Hence, the popularity of say, someone like Howard Stern...who i was waaay into while i was living in grand rapids...don't ever listen to him now. though i always did like him and i'm sure i could start getting into it again.
but i like listening to NPR and the news, KCBS is another one i listen to for "traffic and weather together."
I both love hate Joe McConnell with traffic. i have no reason to actually dislike the man. just the cheerful regard for this man that dutifully reports on the conditions of our traffic. seems as if most of the morning traffic has been pretty light this summer. everybody is out of town or taking long weekends. busier days are probably tuesday through thursday, but still, traffic hasn't been as bad during this summer.

anyway, happy happy. rollling into the parking lot at like 9;18am, when i'm supposed to be at work at 9 a.m. or thereabouts...:)
yeah yeah.
all my friends know they need to lie to me 30-60 minutes when wanting to get me to be somewhere. i'm just not an on-time guy. so if you want me to be at your house at 7pm., tell me i need to be at your house at 6pm.
though i do occasionally show up at the time requested and then realize that nobody else has arrived as of yet for said activity.
woe is me.
so yeah, ol' lavette and that other cherub-like blonde girl at my peet's coffee were telling me "don't go down to ny bagel and get a bagel, stay here with us!!" even lavette, who i think is interesting, said something to me.
that's something i suppose.
but me, being pretty much solidly out of it at the moment - i mean, damn it's monday morning - i am not the most talkative fellow.
but it made me smile nonetheless.

the guy i almost ran into as he was walking commandently (is that a word?) toward me out of jamba juice, then we did that where we both move to the same side, do the "ha ha, sorry needlenose" that we are trying to pass each other but just can't do it because we suck.
then that moment is over, lost forever.
or is it?

then...overhearing people being excessively cheerful. the lack of line at peet's was nice as well.

the girls that sit near me seem especially giddy this morning, talking about their respective weekends. those girls are so mysterious.
and what is the name of the elusive office manager? he always makes it a point to say "hi tim." not just "hi" and then i always respond with "how are you?" lame i realize. but this is what happens when you're bad with names (which, i have come to realize, is a VERY popular conversation here in San Francisco. seems we're all drug-taking, short-term-memory-lacking, confused-arty-self-obsessive-sometimes-shy-mother-fuckers.
or something close to that.
i think i just deconstructed half of this damn city.
i'm going to be your next mayor. Tim Pratt, chilling in Room 200 *which i've come to realize is spoken with nearly the same reverence as people refer to "1600 Pennsylvania Ave." or "Bleeker Street" in England (where the PM lives??? - that's not right)

i'm in computer limbo right now, which sucks frijoles, which means i must call billy sirr since he doesn't seem to be responding to my inquiries.
tomorrow night is molly and ted's marriage related event.
that will be enjoyable.


i'll do a go-round of cds and then do the cover letter. i figured this would be the place to do the cover letter. especially on this machine. yes?

Initial listens today:
Mousse T - "Gourmet De funk" (smarmy french funk, definitely european, some good, like the "johnny come home" reworking by fine young cannibals, but not great)

Haujobb "Vertical theory" (metropolis) - not that good but just one track in. ok, onto third track, because it's pretty shitty. vocals are very bad.
too robotic to the point of stupid, samples from "alien" the android.

i notice a lot of the christian singles have several different versions of the same song.. rap is consistent in its acappellas, clean and explicit versions, but christian ones are "intro edit," "intro edit/vocal up" and others.

taking a temporary break form listening to the DJ spinna mix from "suite 903" 35 tracks!'s like R&B female vocalists. right now goapele from oaktown.

but yeah, i listened to jars of clay's "flood" which is a decent song, a rarity among the overly earnest christian rock set.

what is it about christian rock and their obsession with writing so many songs about the exact same subject matter? some could say "secular music is all about love, sex and whatever" and that is partially true. but come on, christian music is so adamantly all about worshipping, serving, and such. here are some song titles from the band Mercy Me: I worship you, on my way to you, bless me indeed, house of god, call to worship, in you.
even better on the christian tip are these varying versions: ac radio mix (2), ac/inspiriational mix, chr radio mix (2)

pinnacle my ass.

12:01 p.m.
Brother, can you spare a dime?
Still riding out the wave that is DJ Spinna's smoooooooooooooth R&B mix, super relaxed kinda vibe, the sort of thing you listen to sipping fruity cocktails by the pool after a long hard night of fucking/drinking/dancing/fucking.
get those kegels back in shape.
not sure if i am totally down with this mix. it's ok.
i like that christina aguilera track. i should just get her damn album already. i can't believe i sort of like aguilera.
peaches christ needs to be crucified. how many movies are left, dammit?
damn, dj spinna changes tracks like every 2 minutes. we're on track 31. jazzanova's "soon" featuring your friend and mine, vikter duplaix. that smooth dude from philly. bass.
love your money
money money

memory flash of puking just as i was about to make out with my arch enemy conservative chick i worked with at kinko's.

i'm simultaneously reminded of the lunch room at stoney creek, buying chocolate milk in those little half pints. quality creamery, was the brand. always liked milk.

and earlier this morning, must have been at peets or someone that walked by me, who had on a perfume very similar to the one i always associated with susan lake.
and i had a dream that i was kissing or being kissed by darcy, tina's old pal from back in the day.

Now, i'm listening to the Suite 903 Fader second disc, featuring Mark Rae (Grand Central Records, outta the UK). British hip-hop is a little bit different

last week was a killer for me.
fuck, the bank screwed me and charged me waaay too much for shit.
or we have the fact that i dropped my longtime bowl and broke it. i'm down to one left now.
and i have puncho on brain. fuck your milk.


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