Sunday, August 10, 2003

fifty nifty

1. good pot in a glass bong.

2. cutter, the insect repellant

3. "The Story & Songs of The Wizard Of Oz" CD - All the
crucial dialogue and all the songs, especially the double
shot of "The Lullaby League & The Lollipop Guild." And it
moves much faster on audio. !

4. (guilty pleasure of the month) Asia "Asia" - i know i'll
get crucified for throwing this up, but goddamn, tracks
like "Sole Survivor" and "Wildest Dreams" are pretty
intricate, with their sweeping "feel-it-in-your-chest"
guitars and multi-tracked vocal harmonies. i had completely
forgotten about them until last year's "anthologia" was
passed to me at work recently. everything else they
released sucks ass, sappy prog rock at its worst, but for
one brief shining moment, they had they
remind me of early mtv days...

5. Black box recorder "Passionoia" - amazingly good lyrics
and exceptional production. plus it's dancey too.
dance party for sure.

good evening.


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