Monday, August 11, 2003

They seem to be having some problems this morning.

That was the understatement to sum up my experience this morning at Peet's at 16th and Potrero. Damn, lots of stress, confusion, etc. From the moment i walked in this morning, it felt underly, chaotic even.

Fucking crazed. Too loud, it was, voices overlapping ever higher in volume.
Too much. And then that confusion, that stress, begins to build, it hangs in the air, making it so obvious there's tension that even you, who are merely a person waiting for your godamned triple shot latte to be fucking finished and delivered steaming hot, get worked up for nothing. Well, you're affected by the confusion of the barristas by the fact you have to wait longer for your latte than usual. Which sucks.

But even the people there aren't right. Tourists, not regulars, people who don't know you're supposed to enter in the second door, the rear door, to get in line parallel to the long counter. but no. they go in the middle door, and then try to inadvertently cut in line. "Oh, did i cut in front of you?"
"why yes, you did, you snot-faced khaki pants wearing smug mother fucker. no problem though. have a nice day."

it sucks when you are surrounded by amateurs at the coffee joint. peets is damn good coffee but i tell you, i'm looking forward to going back to my routine downtown peets. that one rocked. in and out in no time. they are fast, faster anyway, than potrero hill locale.

big booty bitches.

the xlr8r party the other night at that new club mezzanine was just alright. i mean, i am down with the xlr8r team and all, but that club didn't seem like it was the right fit for the occasion. i can see how it was chosen though. new club on the scene, hasn't necessarily developed its character yet (though it seems to be more of a gay club) and probably cheaper to rent than say 1015 or dna lounge, which are of comparable size. that's a weird club. i'd like to go back on a regular night and see what happens. size up the joint. give it the ol' college try. you know the drill.

yeah, that was stupid of me to miss bjork friday night. but i guess i didn't try very hard either. dunno why. Oh well. Oh well.
anyway, cex sucked. bad choice first of all.
second, blaktroniks were pretty good but to follow after cex. well that sucked.
so it wasn't their fault but i wasn't as primed.
then, tino corp. which was kind of lackluster too. lame altogether in fact.
so what can you do.

chut up.

saturday, the goils went shopping and tina and i hung at doug and candace's for a bit. which was nifty.
then we did something, did we not.
did we go to ti couz that night? i think we did.
no, ti couz was friday

saturday, what happened. oh yeah we met them on haight street. at hobson's choice.
andrew's, phone booth, doc's clock, parked on mission, tried to go to baobob, so we ate at charanga, marc's party on saturday, which was amazing.
beautiful. great time had by all at that event. real testament to their 16 years of togetherness. something very special that we enjoyed. definitely unlike any event i've ever been to. a celebration of love. what a wonderful thing.

alcatraz and hukilau was on sunday. then marin headlands, golden gate and the like. we drove all around the bay area, the yay area.
when we stopped at this vista point late in the afternoon, overlooking the golden gate, we couldn't figure out what language those people were speaking. italian? portuguese? i just don't know donna.

alcatraz was smaller than i imagined. strange place that's for sure. kinda creepy. yet...more just interesting. the cells were very tiny. the audio tear really helped. i liked that you heard actual voices of men that stayed there. the clanking of the different rooms. it was odd. yes.

it's new music time
yes, it's true. more batches of pop goodness.
i do this because you won't have to.

the new Edie Brickell (you remember her...paul simon's wife? "What i am is what am...." that nifty song she played with the Bohemians back in the day.
pretty substandard, boring, whatever nonsense. not memorable. song is called "rush around." from the "volcano" album. fuck you.

next up is Jessica Simpson's "Sweetest Sin." oh yeah baby. reminds me a lot of christina aguilera. it's not bad. good sweepiness. good pop song.

John Mayer "Bigger than my body" - sounds a LOT like dave matthews, amazingly so. the little guitar breakdown sounds like it could be a cheesy cure radio tune. weird bridge in the middle. not very good at all.

mary j. blige "Ooh!" from "Love & Life" - decent, whatever, eh. lesbian love song with little oomph. i dig on some mary j. but...this ain't doing much.

which brings us to the new Dave Matthews single "Gravedigger" from the album 'some devil" coming out sept. 25. it's not the DMB this time. more guitar basic orientation. wow, this is kind of different for dm. hmm, i think i may like the acoustic version better than the real version, which seems almost too dense, too much going on.
the acoustic thing includes some strings, violins or cellos, as well as the acoustic guitar.
his vocals are strange in both versions. kinda snarly. not nearly as sedate as he usually seems. interesting story song. i dunno. it won't make me buy his album.

--a circus trapeze artist plunged to her death the other day. That would have sucked.

now listening to Jaga Jazzist "A Livingroom hush" - very strange. very odd sound. intriguing.
a bit offbeat that's for sure. dinner music for aliens. wow, really love the strings with the flutes and brisk beats, wow this is a strange sound.

and i still need to listen to Gotan Project.

currently listening to right this very minute:
Verve: Remixed 2 features modern remixes of old jazz tunes by all the stalwarts (dizzy gillespie, nina simone, Oscar Brown Jr., Ella Fitzgerald, Astrud Gilberto, etc)...remixes by funky lowlives, felix da housecat, gotan project, matthew herbert, layo & bushwacka, mr. scruff, fila brazillia, metro area, dj spinna, koop. it'll do well.

punch me, i'm sick.

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