Tuesday, October 07, 2003

Choose Your Favorite Doom Scenario
Davis Recalled by GOP Power Grab
Arnold Wins
A's/Giants Lose In The Same Weekend
Bush is Still Our Fake President

This is what I�m currently doing right now, super multitasking: ripping cds on my mac upstairs, listening to election updates on NPR on my portable radio i have in my kitchen, where i'm working on my girlfriend's laptop, playing music on my brand new JBL loudspeakers and just purchased stanton turntable.
i'm also sort of reading Newsweek, answering email, reading online updates of the election via SF Gate, making and drinking coffee, enjoying some of the finer herbs that this state has to offer, sucking on a delicious sugarfree mint, fending off kitty whining and such, and general misconduct on all levels.
i've also got my cell and home phones next to me, and i'm using my mouse from ANOTHER Mac in the house for this laptop usage deal. because laptop mice suck.

ra bless us everyone.

First fearless prediction of 2004: Bill Murray wins best actor academy award.

i need to start using the word 'cabal' in more sentences i write and say. i don't know if i've ever actively used that word in a sentence.

so, arnold is our new governor.
ya fucking who.
pathetic, the GOP is.
simply pathetic.

and of course, there's discourse outside my door:
whalers wailing in the street, huge throngs of people on the alameda pier pushing propane tanks into the bay, while legions of others are fast approaching with battering rams, attempting to kill all free-thinking humans left; and then there's the white tiger who mauled Roy is on the loose in oakland, though the tiger seems to be pretty happy and relaxed. he was just sick of being in vegas and had a find a way to get away from Roy, who was always hitting him in the nose.

maybe...ok, i could be lying snatch-a-holics.

well, since i'm only at home since i found out about the new impending doom that is the new reality in the state of caleefonya.

it's fucking idiotic, this recall, and appalling.

I'm sickened by the GOP like never before. what a joke, these pathetic loser men that have to make a power grab because they don't like the way the election turned out for them.

i say revenge is sweet, bitches.

the one positive is this has all politicians feeling some tightening in their chests, as they realize that no one is safe, even after being elected. you can be yanked out of office and i'll think you'll see similar recall propositions in other states within the next few years.

probably with less loopholes, i would hope, like this one.

...oh my god. gray just said (i'm listening to his concession speech on NPR) that the stage, containing his wonderful mother, is a "no-cry zone. maybe we can cry later tonight but not on stage here."
yes, he IS a very odd man.

but jesus, this seems pretty harsh. what do you do now if you're gray davis?
killing yourself only makes you look more weak.
so that's not an option.


alright, we have no choice.
let's see what ol' "Commando" can do.
like ruin the state even more, just like our fake-ass liar 'president.'

ok, i'm going to watch tv now. you love those things.
yes, you do.

remember to pout.

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