Thursday, December 02, 2004

Shuckle Beef Diaper for Poodles

Thanks for caring.
And enjoy your pestilence.

i have a headache and i need aspirin. or some other drug. pop a pill. that's what life's all about, right?

here's some fun crap for your weary heads.

first, super weird shit.

Poodle Fitness
This might be one of the odder things i've ever seen. and let me tell you, i've seen plenty mister.
chuckles never knew me like you did.

and now, priceless material from yours truly, shit that's been published for people to enjoy the world over. damn, i still have a headache, just one minute later.

Matthew Dear named artist of the year

Swayzak cd Review for the children

and you have a good day ms. smarty pants. i never liked you or your america. shove it and take that job away from you.


it's an important part of this nutritious breakfast. everything we do is music.
haven't you wondered why the Right is so obsessed with gays, gay marriage, sex in general really, and at the same time, displaying this overreaching sense of bravado, overly cocky even, and defensive. Yet, somehow, also, persecuted by the supposedly wimpy democrats. A bit more than contrarian, don't you think?
i mean, damn.
it's so weird. why is there such hostility in the air right now?
we all have to feel it to a certain extent.

i heard it from my friends about the things you said.

these people seem so obsessed with sex, it's downright fucked.
and i say that with the utmost satisfaction.
come on in, the water's fine.
sexual timezone love channel

and just when you thought it was safe for tea at 10.
this comes along.

remember lynn anderson? the country singer?
come on. nobody ever let you listen to lynn anderson?
she is busted. and not in her rose garden.
Singer Lynn Anderson Charged with DWI

ever notice how different states call driving drunk different things?
like here in california, it's DUI, or driving under interference.
whereas, DWI traditionally stands for Dancing While Impish.
which totally sucks, especially if you're Amish and just wanting to get a good night's rest.
how's that for lemonade and socks?

shove my face into a plate of gooey juji fruits.

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