Monday, December 13, 2004

Who Took the Merry Out of Christmas?

First, i'd like to give a special thanks to the people in the back, who made all of this happen.
Cuz, you know what, it's time to give credit where credit is due.

it's all about the magical world of Disney and the wonderful elves, who almost never complain or do anything that would get them kicked out on their ass in the middle of a freezing-ass cold North Pole hideaway. Damn, ungrateful elves.

you don't see me complaining.

you read me complaining.

it's different.

don't you know.

also, Santa Claus is supposedly comin' to town (not coming to town, which is different), but i can't substantiate that rumor to be fact as of yet.

this weekend was important for it showed me many things.

1. drunken coworkers are funny but not as fun AND funny as coworkers who i call friends. it's a clear difference, you see.
it's a fact.

2. Going to a time management class is a good thing for me. Sure i'm as gung-ho as the next guy who just attended a work-paid self-help seminar to help me get my shit togetha, but damn, it has helped. a bit. baby steps. shit.

3. focusing is good. making a christmas mix requires focus. i've listened to way too much christmas-related music in the last two weeks, playing a mighty large role as to why i haven't been blogging my ass-ass-ass off. so, as you know, these things come in spurts. creativity. life requirements sometimes get in the way. but you know, 'life requirements' fuel a good portion of my creativity. a interesting situation, to be sure.

4. santas and clowns in one night equals a great time. just when i didn't think i had it in me, i raised, and raised, and raised some more to the (somewhat as) mighty Santas in this year's Santa Rampage-Con-Anarchy thing. basically a pub crawl on foot of 100s of already-intoxicated Santas for a day, spreading some good cheer, and a good deal of drunken madness. Perfect for a warm December San Francisco Saturday. Sure, the subversive bent wasn't quite there this year compared to the two years previous, but you know, it was still pretty fucking fun.
And god knows, we all need to get a little bit more than crazy sometimes.
You too?
Here I Am, Not Quite Rocking Like a Hurricane just Yet

General Santarchy Fun

5. Staying with pretty much the same drink all night, even if plenty is quaffed, results in much less pain the next morning.

it's a fact.

so with that, i go back to making my magical, mystical musical journey to Christmas Neverland.

Hurry down the chimney now, children.

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