Thursday, April 11, 2002

buck naked and headed for bed

i find it funny that in the particular location i'm at in my office at work, i have to wave my arm periodically during the day because the light is motion sensitive. that is, if nobody moves for like 5-10 minutes (not sure on exact time), the light turns off overhead. it's not like i'm in the dark over here, but i must say, when it first started happening, i thought somebody was fucking with me in the back.
i never talked about it to anyone, which is even funnier, but eventually was told about it when the IT guy was up here and it turned off.
saw Plaid last night. what an amazing visual show. that's how more electronic acts should do it. the visual is often just as important (especially if it enhances the music) as the aural and they did a bang-up job. i really enjoyed them, as well as Nobukazu Takemura, though his stuff is much more abstract and harder to relate to. his video was sensational, with a cutesy anime quality yet decidedly trippy and bizarre.
good time had by all.
hung with mr. jerome w., who, come to find out, is friends with a woman who is not only the same exact age as us (we are all 32), but is from Royal Oak outside detroit AND knows a longtime friend from MSU, Dennis T. once again, the interconnection of san francisco and fellow pals around the world keeps on. so fucking weird how it keeps occurring.

i've got to get my tax shit together tonight for sure. i can't be hanging out at the planet party for very long, that's for sure.
plus i've got to deal with getting my passport going since I absolutely MUST HAVE a picture ID AND call on my ticket.

plus i've got story pitches to worry about, most importantly to east bay and san jose.
send out the miss kittin cd is primary.
move the paper, do the mail - a flurry of activity for the children.
talk to raspa about my gig.
talk to byrne about what's up.
talk to cameron about hawke.
and sander.
so much to do yet

also, need to find out what i called that night in grand rapids i did.
i need to buy records. i need to finish my ann arbor story.
i need to hook up with tomas. the demf lineup is announced on friday. what will be up with that.
daily update needs an addition - something about music. i have to. it's a natural thing.
a girl in trouble is a temporary thing.


need to call grandma too.
ah, so many things to do.
yep yep yep.

also contact motormouth regarding chicago story.

i should also add a link of the day. something funny.
and crazily enough, i found out coworker mark arcenal is good pals with dj qbert.

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