Tuesday, April 16, 2002

clothing balderdash

isn't it odd how much clothing makes a difference on how you perceive people?
i was thinking about that this morning as i walked up Montgomery to my work in North Beach.
I see all these women in various states of dress, some women in their business suits looking sharp and ON IT. others a bit more haphazard and definitely not ON IT. others, looking hip and cool, purposely dressing down and/or wearing clothes that say to the world "i look like i just threw this together but it actually took me an hour!"
fucked up, especially when i think about when i'm at burning man and how everybody looks pretty much the same when they're naked.
see, that's one thing i like about burning man, because you get rid of the false fronts and images and get right to the nitty gritty.
because really, after all, despite differences in weight, body shape and various other shit, we all look pretty much the same when we're naked.

It's funny, too, how when you're surrounded by men and women who are naked, you really get desensitized to it pretty quickly. yet, once you're out of that environment, your primal urge to be titillated by the beautiful visual sensation of seeing a naked woman (or man, depending on your gender and sexual interests)

i hate it when my cd skips. my cd is skipping right now. fuck.

krackle by Hershey's is an underrated candybar. it gets overshadowed by Nestle Crunch, which, IMHO, is subpar chocolate compared with Krackle. Long live Krackle.

my set on saturday went pretty well. a few bumps and bruises along the way, but overall, i was happy. of course, the biggest response i got was from the Zero 7 track. damn, people were wanting to know that one. especially the women.
i still need to find that "suuuuunnn" track vikter duplaix played in miami. i can't find it anywhere. must be a promo or some shit.
if nothing else, my set taught me some stuff about what to do and what NOT to do in the future. but i like the challenge of matching beats and keeping people on the dance floor. :)

so crazy shit, this dude drops in yesterday at my work and says he's from the production of the film "the hulk" (as in, The Incredible Hulk - the green monolith who gets angry and smashes down buildings and stuff). t

favorite seano quote from sunday: "as it turns out, there are some big differences between Hinduism and Buhddism."

i cannot stop listening to this album.
i'm listening to it right now.
it makes me feel simply wonderful.

ever heard of Ishq? I hadn't till a few days ago.
I just got this cd by Ishq on this Canadian label called InterChill (comes out in June) and it's seriously good, very emotional and moving.

so milky, floaty and ethereal, I feel like I'm submersed at the bottom of the ocean but I can breathe and this is the music swimming through my ears emanating from the mystical musicians of Atlantis.

yes, it's that good.
it has this quote from Mixmaster Morris saying it's one of the best things he's ever heard. I'd compare it to some Steve Roach stuff, as well as Pete Namlook, early Silent Records stuff and/or Kim Cascone material, such as Heavenly Music Corporation (but less beat-oriented, if that's possible). a lot of environmental sounds too (water and forest type stuff especially).
I want to melt into this music, literally.

it's by a guy named Matt Hillier from the UK (Cornwall). he's also released tracks under such names as Indigo Egg, Cyan Dragonfly, Sihq, and Izim Izam.

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