Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Days Are Here Again

It's Monday! Start of a brand new week.
And what's happening in the world on this fine day?
Let's see...

Gunmen kill 56 in sectarian attack on Iraqi market town

Deadly Tsunami Strikes Indonesia Coast, Killing at Least 100

Oh yeah, Lebanon and Israel are bombing the shit out of each other

Happy fun time for all, huh?

So, with all this crazy fucked up shit going down her on our lovely planet, which of these horrible stories is of prime importance to viewers and readers of

Bush's open mike captures him using the word 'Shit' in a sentence
Here's the video
Fucking ridiculous. CNN thinks Bush swearing is the most important story of the day.
Appalling, actually.

Ezra Klein says what needs to be said about the sad state of American media and how this story was covered
Things That Make Me Proud To Be A Journalist

yay for america!

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