Monday, December 08, 2003

Charmin wins this round

it's true. in a just-happened back-to-back test picking up errant urine on the bathroom floor, i used a couple squares of the albertson's brand versus ultra charmin and charmin won handily. you need less paper to absorb a greater amount of urine and other items.
now we know.

it's about the details.

news that happened today:
people died.
people lived.
people moved forward.
people stepped backward.
people fucked up.
people rocked hard.
people fucked.
people broke up.
people yelled.
people pooped.
people enjoyed.
people laughed.
people stared.
people sighed.
people cried.
people died.


supposedly gore is endorsing dean. interesting.

i really hope matt wins. but i'm a bit worried.
i'm 'cautiously optimistic.'


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