Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Here's a good primer on both candidates in the Mayoral race for San Francisco.

i watched the debates earlier this evening. gavin is SUCH a made-for-tv politician but seems to know very little about anything concrete. he speaks in broadstrokes without really saying anything, hence, he's highly electable in the democratic party's eyes.
even if he loses this race, he'll likely run (and win) for a state congressional seat or something.

but gavin did have some active hand gestures though, including the thumb pushed slightly outward over near-fist, signaling he means business (clinton used to do that all the time). and he stretches his arms out in front of him a lot to, like he's dishing up goodness for all the citizenry. lots of nodding, smirking and hand-wringing.
he comes off very fake, disingenuous...though he did grow up in the marina, which means he's extra extra smart. yeehaw!
i hear his restaurant is good. i've never been. plumb jack's or some shit. yeehaw.

and speaking of yeehaw...

ever hear of a compilation called God Less America?
it's on Crypt Records and is described as "Sick comp of twisted 50s to mid-60s Country & Western tales of drugs, alcohol, murder, stupidity and in-breeding" (though i didn't hear any inbreeding going on).
but plenty of badness that's for sure.
my personal favorite has to be "Please Don't Go Topless, Mother" by Troy Hess, who sounds like he's about 8-10 years old, singing it in all seriousness.
fucked up.
or for super super downer shit, "the drunken driver" by Granpa Joe is about as sad as it gets, a drunk father running over his two young children, the daughter's dying words lamenting how she was coming to see her beloved daddy.
ol' granpa joe sounds mighty choked up.


this other track, "rock n' roll killed my mother" by the Hi-Fi Guys, doesn't even really make sense. like, i still can't figure out how rock n roll actually killed their mother.
and their rhyme scheme is um, interesting.
"if we can't figure out a word to rhyme, why don't we just make 'oooweeee' sounds and make it work instead?"

but please, please don't go topless mother. you don't need to put up a front.

oh! i watched paris hilton in her new show The simple life." i gotta admit, pretty funny, because she's a complete idiot. i think she may have been playing up the dumb element though.
i'll watch tomorrow. i'm such a trendwhore.
classic coke is the best.
your stench is bothering me.

can you my darling, can you picture this?
animals strike curious poses

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