Monday, December 01, 2003

How can people be so intolerant?

I'm literally amazed, though i shouldn't be, at the level of ignorance going on in this country.
Punishing a child for saying the word "gay" is fucking ridiculous and repugnant, even worse when you find out he was merely describing his mother.

I'm so appalled. Fucking fools.
i guess the biggest question i have to conservatives is this: How does a person being gay affect you or your life in any way?
I have many friends who are gay and/or bisexual and it has absolutely no bearing on my life whatsoever, as far as their sexuality affecting me in my daily life. Just like most people's sexual partners have no bearing on me in my daily life. And why should it?
There is no reason.
Close-minded hate-mongering Christians (itself an oxymoron considering Christians are supposed to be all about love -- yeah, as long as you believe their narrow-minded logic) simply want to push their belief system onto everyone else.
I grew up going to a Baptist church, even a Baptist private school for three years, so it's not like I'm talking out of my ass here, and i can tell you i consistently viewed hypocritical behavior on their part, often hateful behavior --- like toward me.
i know the bible. i studied it, i've read it, more than once. And while Jesus taught people to bear witness to their faith, i never got the impression it meant forcing them to believe what you believe. persuasion is something else. attempt to persuade as much as you want. i can run away from you.
but don't shove your skewed hateful rhetoric down my throat if i don't want it.

you know, it's funny, i don't even believe in marriage at all. i think it's a outdated, asinine concept that people largely follow because it's "the right thing to do."
yeah, slavery at one time was thought of as being "the right thing to do." but gee, somehow we eventually realized that we were grossly violating fellow humans' basic rights as individuals.

ah..i know i'm spinning a familiar tale here, one that you've heard before but i just can't fucking believe how foolish and wrong people are. i don't pretend to have all the answers but i do know that letting people have whatever sex they want with other consenting adults, no matter what gender they are, is a basic fundamental right as a living being.

what, are christians angry because people are actually having sex for (gasp) pleasure only???? are they mad because it's not for procreation?
hello! eventually the U.S. will restrict the number of children you have just like china already has because we're going to run out of room on this planet someday in the not-too-distant future.
but yeah! let's just keep on procreating and fill up the planet with our magical seeds. but don't forget, sex isn't pleasurable. sex is just for more humans to use up more of the earth's finite resources.

god....this could go on forever, i know.
this ranting.

but i just don't get why people are so vehemently against gay marriage or gays in general. people can spout about "god's law." yeah, this is the same god who advocated polygamy but we don't think that's ok anymore. how is it that some of the things god approved of back in B.C. times (ah, the good old days, right?) he no longer approves of?
i used to ask that of sunday school teachers as a kid and was always rebuffed with little or no answers...or with some shit like "you've just got to have faith, timmmy. it's god's will."
yeah, god's will to be whatever you conveniently find to be reprensible or unapproving on any given day.

my original point about marriage is that it's outdated and a custom that is no longer necessary. and yes, i realize the rewards our god-loving government will give me (not to mention what my family would give me as far as money and gifts) if i was made into a perfect union under god's eyes. but that just makes me more anti-marriage, more resistant to that lockstep form of conformity.

but yet...see, here's where, if i were a hate-mongering christian believing this, i would continue to barrage everyone i know the horrors of satanic marriages and that all the people didn't believe me, well, they'd be going to hell then. because that's how they are about the gay marriage thing.

see, i can show my maturity and ability to think rationally as a human saying that, while i hold these strong opinions about marriage, they are still just opinions and not necessarily fact to anyone else but me. hence, there's no way i would in any attempt others to be forced to believe this. if you want to get married, that's fine, great, rock on with your bad selves.
how does that affect me?
not in the least bit.

so why should there be any difference between the choices of a heterosexual or a homosexual person? it's a personal choice.

this could and will go on forever.
of course i have other things i should be working on.

i need some grape juice.

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