Monday, December 01, 2003

Good morning, it's December 1.
Merry Capitalism!

FFF #8

1. Kompakt tour feat. Michael Mayer & Reinhard Voigt at Club Six, SF, 11.28
I felt compelled to get outta the house Friday night and yay for me, twas fun fun fun! The Cologne, Germany-based techno label represented in the USA for the first damn time on this tour. Really solid music, just the right mix of minimal techno with slivers of funk. i haven't danced like that in awhile. felt good. i was exhausted all day saturday and it was worth it.

2. Lost In Translation
I finally saw this film and i really dug it. It's very strange how it moves along, never really explicitly telling you anything, very subtle and graceful. Plus the music worked ery well with most of the scenes. i SO loved the inclusion of My Bloody Valentine and new Kevin Shields tracks, though i think my hat's gotta be tipped to the new Air track, "Alone in Kyoto" -- so eerie and gorgeous, it makes me feel like i'm underwater, just...floating.
Oh! And Scarlett Johannsson, i love her. There's something about her that's very sexy, yet mysterious....thumbs/thumps up Sofia Coppola. You done good.

3. Adam Green "Jessica"
Oh my god, i recently discovered this gem, a lilting tune doing some serious hating on Jessica Simpson. which, i'm happy about, especially since it's sung totally straight by Adam Green, also a member of The Moldy Peaches.
"Jessica Simpson, where has your love gone? It's not in your music, no....Jessica Simpson, you've got it all wrong. Your fraudulent smile, the way that you faked it the day that you died...your lovelife precedes you, your son-in-law feeds you injections of cortisone."
Jessica Simpson must be stopped. Along with her lacky husband Nick Lachey.

4. The Glenn Campbell mug shot
Ain't he pretty?
Like a rhinestone cowboy, he is. but by the time he gets tha fuck outta phoenix, he'll be crying bout giving a knee to a cop more so than any minor fender bender he was runnin' from.

5. Thanksgiving
I'm not necessarily down with how the pilgrims fucked over the indians, but to me, thanksgiving is just a cool day to prepare a shitload of food (There's nothing quite like the grinding noise of an ice cream maker kicking into high gear at 9 a.m. in the morning), get together with a whole bunch of people you dig on (family, friends, mr. potato head), and scarf down as much food as you possibly can.
and then, when you think you're stomach is about to explode like the android in the first "Alien," you realize that, YES, you can shove another giant stack of turkey slices in your mouth. i love turkey. bring on the gobblers.
plus i love how the world kinda just shuts down. sort of, anyway.

and now...
-1. the christmas onslaught.
bah humbug...bob cratchit didn't know shit.

and to all a good fright,


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