Sunday, November 30, 2003

All Monkeys want to vote for Matt

you know, i don't live in the city of san francisco but damn i wish i could find a way to vote for Matt Gonzalez.

he's been a party maniac getting the word out to all the people in the arts community that's for damn sure.
and he seems a hell of a lot more sincere than Gavin Nuisance, turdball extraordinaire.

smiling freak that he is.

though my girl says ol' matt needs a haircut.

i'll agree with you there, ms. b.

so it's december now.
how the fuck did it become december 2003?

i'm officially becoming older.
in fact, i'm older now than i was when i just wrote that sentence.
isn't time wonderful?

i always wanted to stop time with my stop watch or something similar.
apparently i wasn't the only kid that was obsessed with stopping time.
i recall reading some lame book about 10-12 years ago about stopping time but it devolved into this weird sex story. and not in hot and good steamy way.
more like boring as fuck, i want to throw this fucking book out the window right about now kind of way.

but i still feel good. i went out friday night to the Kompakt night at Club Six in SF. fucking amazing music!

fook yeah!

grandma chicken would have been proud.
no but really. impressive show yeah yeah yeah. great music. michael mayer is a fine fellow.

i was jumping around like a bloomin' fewl i tell you.

but the sunrise set is done, so that's all that matters.
screw ewe too.

I'm not always a fan of the SF Chronicle, but being a newspaper whore like i am, i still read the damn thing. god knows i don't pick up the oakland tribune, like ever.
anyway, they're doing a weeklong series on the homeless and i must say, it's pretty good. so i'm giving it some props, is what i'm saying.

<<Important note about health care

i wrote 8002 words (not counting this part) in november.

and even more importantly, November marks two damn years since i started this blog. no shit. two years.
there's been some ups, some downs, and some bullshit frowns, but i've bucked the web trend of lasting longer than a few months. i stand firm at the brink of something important and longlasting.

namely, everlasting life. see, if you believe in me, you'll have everlasting life.
in 2000 years, everybody will believe this.
trust me, these are the real gospels for the generations of the future.

will they be on earth?
i doubt it.

maybe africa.

or pluto.
ok, pudgy chuck is dead.

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