Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Artie Shaw has nothing to do with this

i just remembered what word i really liked the other day.


not only is it fun to say but it's a cool word and looks awesome too.

i do not want guacamole.

the bottom of my left foot hurts.

it's kind of chilly right now.

hace frios!

that is a spanish phrase i recently learned.

i'm drinking a vodka tonic right now but i'm not sure i'm liking it.

i drink it anyway.

we return to transylvania.

patsy cline sure must have gotten stomped on in relationships. that's what like all of her songs are about. damn, patsy, who were these fucks you were letting fuck you? cuz that's what it always comes down to, which guys you let fuck you.

not that i'm a woman of course.

my kitty, the kitty, loves pot. and since i'm smoking some right now, she is moving closer to me. while patsy is playing.
it's 5:27 p.m.

pacific time of course.

there are cheap flights to london on sale right now and you've got to go before march 2004.
i am thinking of just fucking purchasing one and going in like february. cuz march, i'll be going to miami. through british airways, though lufthansa has deals right now too.

hmmm, maybe i'll take a look.

i fucking hate kings of leon so much.
they suck ass.

scowling southern rock.

i received $242 from the state of california.
that is fine.


my butt is unhappy today. somebody needs a colonic.

i bought a book today. i'm so trendy.
"Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them" by Al Franken.

i'm excited to read it. hardcover even. buttcake.

the tropic of cancer is so much better than the tropic of capricorn.
fuck the tropic of capricorn.

at least you're alive.

and now, a private transcript between a friend that i'm releasing to all you eager beaver muffins!!

hey! how are you....

My swingset is ass-cool

dead, six feet under
they buried me today.
fucking rigor mortis sucks


oh well, can't win 'em all

I'll find out you really did die hours ago and i'll have a modern ghost story on my hands

tim pratt radio rules so much. the theme from "alice" just came on

To a goalie...its a save, save save

i purchased a book today. i'm so trendy

books are a fad
I just listen to idiots

i'm so san francisco. take a guess what i purchased...yeah, books are a fad

ooooh...a reader....youre soooo cool.

soon to be replaced by ionosphere holograms
the ionosphere is a lot better than the stratosphere

It saves our ass

fuck the tropic of capricorn too


tropic of cancer rules

Trop. O cancer is solid

which book did i buy

5:35 PM - Its my tropic

hadassah head

and i'll cry if i want to

I milked her

i wish leiberman would go away. he's ruining everything
fucking give up you stupid chump

I love your hate for Leiberman

he's a schlub

Brooks and Dunn are on....Those guys are awesome. im watching the CMAs.

that's unfortunate

still no tv

its fun. They are all retarded

i think this is the longest i've gone in my entire life without a tv

im as addicted to it as any drug fiend

i miss it the most just for news, but i read so much

i should limit my usage. i went a summer w/out

my tv died in early july

i missed some stuff, but was pretty happy w/out it.

so 4 months

april to september for me

listened to talk radio late night
that's perversely fun too

5:40 PM - so tickets from san francisco direct to london heathrow, if you purchase by tomorrow, are seriously $200 roundtrip. with taxes and shit, it's like $265 but fuck. i just have to go before march 2004. i think i may just fucking get it and pick an arbitrary date in february
and make myself go
with no agenda. best way i work
direct flight, btw
i'm feeling the call

London. Calling

tis true. in fact, i think me just stating it like that decided it for me. sweet. a classic tim pratt move.

I need to travel too....its important

i made this decision in the last hour....more than ever.
so if i buy the ticket, it will force me to immediately get my passport, which i need to do. and i have a flex schedule and i'm sure i can find someone to stay with or do the hostel thing

I love the idea of England

going over all my music of late, partly because of the dj thing, i realized the staggering amount of music i've liked in mylife and britain is by far and away on top.


i mean, i just feel like i can't not go. and i'm sure i can potentially hook up some dj gigs and writing things too flight from SF? That's insane

yeah, and now BART goes to SFO. tina and i did it when we went to grand rapids. i still prefer oakland because it's clsoer...but to europe, you have to go SFO

when are you gonna buy your ticket?

i have to buy it by tomorrow

i'm thinking have to go on M-T-W only
5:45 PM - feb will be enough time to get my shit together
and march i'm going back to miami
i just feels right

winter...booked for TimmmiP

the book i bought was the al franken book

London would be awesome. You of all people should see london and break your continental cherry

yeah, i know
and i know i can do it on the cheap
fuck, if i could get some dj
i know of people to call and at least try

that's kind of illegal eh?


if they pay you. Right?

shit. I don't know
how so? not like they'd be paying me with a check anyway

yeah. forget I said it.....
i get bogged down in details

today i was paid $75 to go to an office downtown, follow a specific script, and cancel my capital one credit card
i'm not joking

i'm hooked

what you mean?

tell me about that

ha ha.
sometimes i feel like jerry when kramer called him "even steven." i always end up breaking even because..
as you know my hours got cut by aol as of cotober 1, but because of a variety of reasons, i've made up for the loss of cash
the vegas dj gig paid $$$, not covering an entire week's pay
i'm getting to the thing today....


then the extra days allowed me to go to grand rapids and do the family trip and all
and then the guy that was supposed to split the hours with me got hired by google.
and so last week i worked 40 hours by default.
then! this week, i'm back down the drudgery of the 20-hour work week...and lo and behold, yesterday
i get an email from this dude who i responded to via a craigslist ad (that site rules btw) about some focus group type thing and to respond if you have capital one credit cards or another kind i can't recall.
but this was like a few weeks ago and i forgot about it, because you only hear back on those things maybe 20 percent of the time, because of the high volume of response
so i go into this office this afternoon, BECAUSE i only worked half a day, and have to call capital one and say i'm canceling and see how low they'll go on my rate.

for this company doing research on how low credit card companies will go on their APRs
and it depends if you go in saying you want to "cancel" versus you seek a "APR rate change." the dude told me they always give bigger rate discounts on people who go in saying they want to cancel.
so i had to follow a specific script, though i was able to embellish some, and refuse three different attempts by them to win me back

that's fascinating...actually

it was more fun than i would have imagined. and the dude told me that you should call your credit card companies every six months to try and get a lower rate

it's like an acting job

and always go in saying you're going to cancel because other companies are giving lower rates

i bet you felt empowered by the idea it was kind of a put on

i had to ask about balance transfers and shit like that too. yeah, acting..but part of the deal to get the money is you HAVE to cancel your card, so i cancelled my card....
but i didn't mind because i rarely use that card
pretty fucking funny.

do you wonder where i am now?

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