Wednesday, November 26, 2003

yo what up.
living large, living lime, living live, living lome.

damn if it don't feel like friday today.
except i've got unanswerable things like the fact that my computer is telling me it's fucking wednesday.
gezuz h. christ on a popsicle stick.
at least you're not alive right now.

remember when?

goddamn, i just realized i forgot to put the fab five friday up on heah this past week. i must be fucking stupid.
just really fucking stupid, don't you think?

maybe i should unsubscribe from the 313 list, no?
well, at least i'm not satan.

or am i?

there are so many things to talk about.

where do we begin?

where does it all end?

have you heard about this exciting thing called the Vocaloid?
it's fucked up.
but kinda interesting too, no?

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