Saturday, November 01, 2003


Cherrywine - November 15 at Elbo Room.
And speaking of deluded cokeheads (which we were, you just weren't there to hear that part of the conversation --- but trust me, it was real like solid and stuff), Rapper Cherrywine, formerly known as "Butterfly" in Digable Planets plays in San Francisco. Maybe ol' Butterfly can explain why the promising hip-hop trio imploded and blew
any chance at a long-term career. Better yet, listen to the godawful
album he released earlier this year, which has a decent chance
of being as bad as "Kish Kash." Too much cocaine, my friends, too much
damn cocaine. Remember kids, cocaine and creativity do not mix.

so i listened to the new iggy pop today....well, part of it.
i don't care how much of an influence he is on punk, he fucking sucks.
his songs are retarded. he can't sing at all.
he's gross too. just what i want to see, his tiny pointy little tongue sticking out from his craggy, pockmarked face. please, do some more heroin.

this reverential iggy revival of late reminds me of a few years
ago, when the record companies created this supposed "buzz" that tony
bennett, burt bacharach and tom jones are "hip again," yet i
could never find ANYONE who actually thought that way, other than
super duper ironic hipsters and even then, it seemed more like a joke than
anything else, they didn't REALLY think tony, burt and tom were cool
again.just like iggy.
and i'd really like to know how "cool" it is to collaborate with
Sum 41, green day and peaches�on your latest "comeback record."

ok, i acknowledge the fact that the stooges influenced many a
punk band but that was more than 35 years ago!
ok, some people say he can rock. ok, whatever.
he grosses me out.
maybe it's a personal problem.

or maybe it's your problem.


here is the text from the missive i recently sent out to racist skinheads everywhere concerning the party that happened last evening.
it was a fine party indeed, yes'm.
and yes ma'am.

Throw away your methadone, avoid the quagmire that is the Castro on Halloween night, slap on your most imaginative costume imaginable and get your sweet, fine asses down to LiPo Lounge for.....

OPIUM DEN II - Chase The Dragon
Friday, Oct. 31, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
LiPo Lounge, 916 Grant Ave. SF
DJs/Public Instigators: Jai Young Kim & Tim Pratt (because we care)
Visual stimulants by: Chris Pew & Jamie Hunt (they care too)

Only $5 cover, 21+
soooo inexpensive, you'll have extra money in your wallet to spend on alcohol, "snacks" and other frivolous items.
Costumes are required for entry (though we do take bribes and possibly Gideon bibles with pentagrams carved into the cover).

Music: Many fine tunes of proper ass-shaking manner including: spooky Halloween audio trickery, glitzy synth-laden electro, ironic '80s epics, irresistible indie ilk and lots of sardonic sweeteners and tempting treats.

Q: Are costumes REALLY required?
A: Of course, foolish questioners. Especially since the cranky Chinese owners have been to daily showings of Tarantino's "Kill Bill" for the last three weeks. Those swords behind the counter aren't just for show. In other words, if you arrive un-costumed, you may qualify to be an adjunct member of the Phantom Limbs.

to recap...
Opium Den II - Chase The Dragon
Friday, October 31, 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.
The LiPo Lounge, 916 Grant Ave. SF
$5 cover, 21+

ummmmm...oh yeah..


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