Friday, November 07, 2003

Who will win?

it's become increasingly difficult to tell who will win the democratic presidential nomination.
my top contenders at the moment would be:

Wesley Clark
Howard Dean
Bob Kerry

Edwards? whatever.
Sharpton? yeah, he sure is funny. ha.
Lieberman? gross. fuck this so-called "democrat" a censorship-happy fool who will likely appeal to older voters, which sucks since they vote the most consistently.

let's see, who else is there.
Braun? yeah right. whatever.
Gephardt? could there be anyone who comes off more wimpy? maybe lieberman, but that's about it.

shit, that's eight. off the top of my head, that's not too bad but i can't recall who the ninth is.

ah yes, dennis kucinich, who is by far the most extreme, despite being from ohio. which is funny. he was the youngest mayor of cleveland ever. i think he was like 31 when he was elected. which is quite amazing, i must say.

anyway...i dig kucinich's beliefs but he has no chance. plus a bad name.

kerry - i guess i don't understand why people dislike him, since he's a war vet, is very smart and has a longtime political career. maybe that's part of his problem, the longtime politician shit. or maybe it's because he reminds many people of frankenstein or at least, herman munster aka fred gwynne (whom i loved so much in "pet semetary"). regardless, kerry is a longshot at best.

if the old guard dem establishment gets leiberman the ticket, we're doomed for sure. that's such a bad ticket. plus the whole jewish thing won't play well, i don't think. obviously i have nothing against the jewish people but we're talking election time here folks.

anyway...clark. though one article i read about him in newsweek gave me pause...since then i've read an interview with him in rolling stone, listened to an interview he did on NPR and read soemthing else about him online, though i can't recall the source.
he seems pretty level-headed, has a lifetime of military experience and can think on his feet. it's unfortunate he joined the campaign so late but i still think he's a viable candidate...or in other words, one of the better chances of beating bush, because obviously dubya can't compete on the military thing, having skipped out on his fucking time in the national guard, for christ's sake.
yet, military people love him. it's amazing to me. he was more of a draft dodger than clinton ever was, yet somehow he's our military president. boggles my mind but people are fucking idiots after all.

there's something about Clark that i like, his discipline, his confidence, his belief (seemingly) to speak what he thinks.
of course, howard dean does that as well but there's something about him that seems a little too brash...then again, we need brashness to defeat the unbelievably brash and lying GOP, so that could work. and fuck, dean has raised a LOT of money, more so than i would have thought. now he's thinking about dropping out of the election public funds so he's not subject to limiting rules made by campaign finance laws. don't get me wrong, the campaign finance game is sooo fucked up right now, but that's not dean's fault. and when the bushies consistently flout the laws when it comes to raising money (gee, doesn't this story sound familiar? yet it seems sooooo different when the GOP does it compared to when clinton did it, huh? oh that's right, that's because republicans don't have to actually follow the law - they just do what they want).
so i say to dean, fucking drop out. basically the finance laws limit the amount of money you can spend at like $47 million, i believe, which are matched by taxpayer funds. so dean is saying "fuck that, we're going to need more to defeat bush" who long ago dropped out of the finance limit because he had no intention of only spending that piddily amount of money.

never mind the fact that money is what it takes to win the presidency these days. we all know that.

some people are criticizing dean already, because he stated early on in his campaign that he was going to limit himself to those finance law funds. but clearly he, nor anyone else, could have forseen how much money he's actually raised.
beat the fucking bush's, at all costs. we need to.

but getting back to my point, i just think that the GOP will destroy Dean if he gets the nomination. then again, i could be wrong and hope i am.
i am just so afraid of a wimpy lieberman or gephardt nomination. that would soooo be the wrong call.
if it was such the right call then we wouldn't even be discussing this, since Gore would have been president.

now of course i am a firm believer that gore was hoodwinked out of the presidency for sure. and the media helped play a role, by prematurely declaring bush as the winner before it was completely determined to be true.
that exit polling bullshit is such a joke, btw, but whatever.

but part of the problem may have been that bush came off as a guy's guy, the kind of dude you could hang out with on a weekend to get fucked up, snort a few lines, smoke some kind bud and get in the car and hop on down to the next bar. ok, maybe ol' bush didn't smoke that much kind bud, but that's the least harmful of the three things i mentioned, so big fucking deal.
anyway....bush came off as the affable partyboy pal, the guy with the gregarious personality who acted stupid even though he wasn't actually stupid.
i certainly don't think bush is stupid, more evil than stupid, and with a clearcut neoconservative agenda, despite the fact that he labeled himself as a "compassionate conservative" while campaigning.
it's amazing to me how quickly people have forgotten what bush supposedly stood for compared to what he actually does stand for.
people are sheep though, big surprise, so no point in even arguing about that.

what all this means is that we need somebody that can take on bush tit for tat, that can roll with the punches (and there will be many many punches - get ready for fox news to go on the offensive the minute the nomination is secured by one of these fuckers) and stand firm in their convictions.

and while i praise dean for bringing some much-needed bristling commentary to the forum, i hesitate a bit because he may just end up alienating too many people and thereby once again handing the presidency to the GOP by default.
just sucks so much.

i mean, astoundingly, every week comes a new revelation from this government that literally makes me turn cold with fear. that bill just signed into law by Bush, the one that bans partial birth abortions. well, that bill leaves no room for extenuating circumstances, say if the woman is raped or is in clear life-threatening danger.
within hours after the bill was signed into law, a federal judge declared that the law was likely unconstitutional and needed to be decided by the courts before going into effect.
within another day, two more courts had ruled the same way, thereby covering most of the states in the union.

yet, i read a story this morning that says the department of justice (lead by that fucking foolish bible-toting lunatic john asscroft) would enforce this law anyway...even though the law has already been struck down by THREE federal judges. apparently, normal laws don't apply to the dept. of justice, the very same people that are supposed to fucking uphold the law of the land, no matter what!
there isn't supposed to be any "interpretation" of the law by Justice. that's for the courts to decide, hello!

makes me so angry. jesus. now we can routinely flout whatever laws we deem to be wrong.
so if i'm elected AG (it could happen) and wanted to openly smoke marijuana because i thought the law was wrong, i could. let out all the convicted nonviolent drug offenders because i believe the law is "morally wrong under god's eyes." yeah, ok. right. would never happen.
yet somehow republicans seem to disavow that when it comes to shit THEY believe to be God-inspired.

does anybody recall the separation of church and state? that was like part of the fucking point of separating from england in the first place. does anybody seem to recall that? no, apparently not.

this is the first in a long series of rants that are itching to emerge from my brain.

all i can say is.....Democrats. get your shit together. a recent poll just came out that a majority of americans, for the first time in like forever, are unhappy with the iraq thing and unhappy with bush. it's not a very big margin but it proves that people are fucking fed up with this idiot.
but the only way to get rid of this idiot is to come back hard and strong to defeat the infidels aka bushies & GOP cohorts.

and if you think people like gephardt and lieberman are going to do it, you'd be wrong.

GO Dean! (though i'm still not sure what to think of the whole confederate flag flap, i still dig what he has to say and love the fact he's stirring up the pie)

GO Clark! (though you need to come up with a more concrete platform and get out there more, you're losing people because you haven't really done anything to distinguish yourself...but i think you've got a good shot)

Go Kerry! (because i really do think he has a lot to say and could be an effective leader but his window of opportunity is beginning to look like it's closing)

and everyone else...drop the fuck out of the race so we can have some real debates. sniping about each other only serves to confuse and fragment your potential voters.
this means you lieberman, you stupid schlub. give up censor boy!

and now, i must move forward.
fuck you and your haikus.
and those are the facts, jack.

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