Monday, November 17, 2003

new albums i'm listening to today:

The Beatles "Let it Be...Naked" - i like it better, more cohesive, the album as a whole works now and it never did before. good sound quality, you feel closer to the music, definitely more raw. the only version i didn't like as much was "get back" because it seems like it cuts off rather abruptly and too soon.

pearl jam "lost dogs" (epic) - eh, whatever. i used to buy their bootlegs when they first came out in i knew most of the songs i'd even want to hear from that era. i stopped buying pearl jam records after "vitalogy."

joss stone "the soul sessions" - very young white girl from england plays with old bluesmen, another one of those "i can't believe this girl is white" albums (see amy winehouse).� interestingly enough, she does the most unlikely covers, like white stripes' "fell in love with a boy" (gender changed), works with questlove from the roots, john sebastian's "i had a dream," aretha franklin's "all the king's horses." "For the love of you" by the Isley brothers, "some kind of wonderful by john ellison, working with betty wright.
hmmm, you know what, this sucks. fuck joss stone.

wow, a TON of big new releases for christmas have arrived.
besides above, new tori amos best of, new kid rock, britney spears, blink-182, red hot chili peppers greatest hits, jimi hendrix's "Live At Berkeley, new Flaming Lips EP sounds good, Bruce Springsteen Greatest Hits, Cyndi Lauper's new one, G-Unit's new one.
all pretty much shit, no?

"Show me your soul" P. Diddy w/ Pharrell Williams, Loon & Lenny Kravitz. - hmm. a bunch of rich guys getting together sort of trying to rock out. yeah. fuck you.

Important Random thought
i have an unwritten personal rule that i can't wear the same outfit within the last ..mmm, i'd say at least two weeks, but more like 3-4. i have enough clothes..i should say, i have enough shirts and corresponding jackets to change it up. i definitely need more pants, though.
don't you agree?
we all need somebody to have pants on.

re: the chili peppers: this is basically a best of of only the WB years, nothing from the hillel slovak era at all. amazing how many hits they've had. they hold up pretty well, actually. no they don't. the chili peppers are kind of stupid.
however, i still hold "blood sugar sex magik" (especially cool because of the spelling, right?) or whatever it's called, as being memorable, mainly because it represents a specific time in my life, my last year in college at michigan state university 199?.
two new tracks, "fortune faded" and "save the population." opens with lyrics "history so strong." wow, these tracks seem quite half-assed. bad. flat production. jesus, this is WEAK. both of them just suck.

new britney - track 4 "breathe on me" seems destined for the clubs, kind of reminds me of kylie minogue.

having two lattes today makes me feel like i'm on drugs or something.

did you know apple cider is for idiots? that's what ken nordine says.

my bathtub hurts me.

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