Monday, November 03, 2003

Fab Five ___Day (because it's not actually "friday," i didn't want to assume and attempt to put "friday" in said space, hence the absence of the actually letters denoting specific day of the week. now do go about your business and please don't be rude).

Yep,�the FFF is�back on again (even if it is Monday today, it's Friday somewhere in the universe, right?).

So what the fuck has tim been doing and why has he neglected something he was just starting?
During the last few weeks, I traveled to both Las Vegas and Grand Rapids for DJ gigs, family action and general happy funtime; celebrated my birthday on Oct. 18; and began prep work for a book i'm working on. I no lie. I apple-gize for being away, lost in my own confusion.

So to bring you up to speed, here's a quick version of Fab Five ___Day, #3-#4.


1. The Shins "Chutes Too Narrow" - Shiny happy, hook-laden indie pop at its finest. Seriously addictive record. You must get it or weep.

2. Favorite Recent Quote: "Are you going to be playing '80s music?" while playing Run DMC's "It's Like That" at the Paris Hotel in Vegas.
"Uh, this is '80s music," i replied.
"Oh," she replied, puzzled. "Not rap, but, you know, '80s music."

3. "Money Success Fame Glamour" - Felix Da Housecat vs. Pop Tarts from "Party Monster" soundtrack. So gleefully glitzy and�over the top, i just can't stop listening to this track. Plus it's got Macaulay Culkin (as Michael Alig) & Chloe Sevigny yelling the chorus over and over.

4. Psychonauts "Song For Creatures" (International Deejay Gigolo) - is it rock-infused electronic music or is it rock fused with electronic? Maybe both.�Either way, i dig this record's meandering, melancholy path it takes. This is one album you want to keep listening to see what they do next.

5. Dia de los Muertos celebration in Oakland - A day to celebrate and respect the dead - a centuries old tradition in many Latino cultures.
What a concept. Instead of living in denial about death, Latin cultures confront it and give it up for peeps no longer hanging out on earth. Of course, in many parts of the country, this would likely be construed as some sort of Satanic ritual.

6. Broadcast "HaHa Sound" (Warp)This an awesome record, sort of reminding me of Stereolab but more IDMish and with some Holly Golightly-style retro yet new garage vibes. Quiet, angular audio shards, soothing female vocals and stark acoustic guitars provide the basis for much of of it.

7. Snow Patrol "Final Straw" (Polydor) - Off kilter electro acoustic rock from the UK. Strangely hypnotic and sort of unfolds slowly, as if you're listening to the record in slow motion.

8. Amy Winehouse "Frank" - Combining the warped jazzy vibe of Billie Holiday, the sassy hip-hoppiness�of Erykah Badu and the deep funk�and soul of Aretha Franklin, Winehouse's debut sparkles from start to finish. You won't believe this voice comes from a white British girl. I expect her to blow up in 2004.

9. Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left" (Island) - It's crazy to realize this album came out in 1970. Spooky, stark, eloquent and intense, Nick Drake was SO ahead of his time, especially on tracks like "Time Has Told Me," "River Man" and "Three Hours" - all of which give me the chills.

10. The Simpsons Halloween Special - Still the funniest, most consistently subversive show on television. Matt groening rocks.

- 1. The Christmas onslaught - already. I've spotted some Christmas decorations here and there, as well as heard some holiday music.
Alright! Let's be pressured to spend money on ludicrous gifts to get the economy moving!
Maybe Santa Claus is being paid off by the GOP. I'm sure ol' Saint Nick appreciated those tax breaks.

- 2. Jessica Simpson - She's not sexy, has no brain and can't sing. Plus she stinks. Kick her off the planet.

-3. Kobe Bryant - I'm so tired of celebrity sports figures getting away with murder or, in this case, "alleged" rape. Kobe makes me sick.

-4. The GOP - For their continuously evil, fascist ways.
Destroy America. Vote Republican.

-5. The new Iggy Pop album "Skull Ring." I realize he's like the king of punk rock thanks to his affiliation with the Stooges but this is just bad revisionist bullshit that nobody needs to hear. Plus Iggy just looks so gross. The picture of him sticking his tongue out in the new album almost made me vomit.

Hace Frio! (i'm cold)
Hace Calour! (i'm hot)
ay dios mios! (oh my god!)

well, here's some more interesting things that i've come across of late. read them and poon.

bob guiney aka "the bachelor" "girlfriend" - yeah, the same dolt who's one that bad show i've never seen.
i would never buy this song in a million years but it's better than say, clay aiken. sounds more like singer-songwriter matchbox 20 type pop-rock. better than american idol pop, but not much.

things i liked as a kid: books, reading, shoplifting, music, pop culture, news, movies, elbows

cds: johs wink "profound sounds v.2" (ovum)
rem - best of rem
rob zombie - past, present, future
soft cell - live
luke vibert - yoseph
moodymann - silence in the secret garden
martina topley-bird
cosmic rocker - mirrors and windows
bon jovi - wanted dead or alive 2003
vocab (good vibe)
bluegrass tribute to metallica
emiliana torrini - "rarities" - never heard of her before, not bad whispery vocals off beat rock, pretty good actually.
grace jones "private life: the compass point sessions"

some potential hardcore liberal bumperstickers for 2004

exercise your 2nd amendment rights on a conservative.
they'll thank you for it. they'll be with jesus even sooner than planned.

Fuck the GOP
GOP are evildoers
Down with Dubya
the GOP is ruining America.
Republicans suck.
Fuck Republicans.
Exercise your 2nd amendment rights on a Republican today.
America used to be beautiful, until the Republicans took over.
Republicans are selfish thugs.

hypocricy = GOP
Money is the TRUE God of the GOP.

Republicans are weak ass bitches.


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