Wednesday, August 18, 2004


it was about an hour into it that i realized that i had reached my limit.
and just wanted to hide my head in the sand.
but i cannot.
for i am a news junkie.

some writerly pals of mine were going to see the film outfoxed last night in the city, so i opted to tag along.
it was a fine film, highlighting all the unbelievable lies and right wing agenda spewed by Fox News, but after about an hour, i was done.
i'm already impatient but i was like "fucking hell, end it already."
but no, it did not.
i wept for minutes on end, praying it would end.
but nay, it did not.

so that's my affliction.
all i can say is i cannot wait till this election is finally over.
i'm sick of being angry and obsessed, you know?
it gets tiring

so yeah

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