Friday, August 06, 2004

Bush Fucks Himself Yet Again

This time, it's for accidentally saying that his administration will "never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people."
Looking good, dipshit. A real piece of work, this nitwit.
Bush misspeaks during signing ceremony

Also, did you know that referring to children's groups as 'guppies' is harmful to children and should be stopped?
That's what we say back on the farm.

Don't ever misunderestimate me again.

i so am still digging on barack obama. it's rad that iTunes offers all the speeches from the DNC -- FOR FREE -- on its iTunes Music Store. radtacular.
hilarious that the GOP wants hard right radio show host and former presidential candidate (if you can call it a 'candidacy') Alan Keyes to go up against Obama in Illinois in the Senatorial race.
funny, Keyes lives in Maryland (but state law just says they have to move to the state by election day), so that may be interesting.
and, uh, well he just so happens to be african american.
what a coincidence.
my god, republicans, you're a fucking joke.

And wow, the distorted anti-Kerry ad, attempting to discredit his war record by using vietnam vets that didn't even serve with Kerry, was SLAMMED by Republican Senator John McCain (AZ).
And check it, it's from a small town in Florida.
boo ya ka sha!@
McCain decries Vietnam veterans' anti-Kerry ad

The GOP is just getting desperate, hell, pathetic. It's a lovely thing.
UPDATE: 12:13 P.M. PST - "I Knew It Was Wrong"


heh, and here's our hometown mr. mayor, posing with his glittery wife for Harper's Bazaar.
Hmmm, in 20 years, could we be saying President Newsom?
New Kennedys' or not, focus is on city's first couple

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