Sunday, August 08, 2004

Salisbury Steak Sucks

What the hell is up with Salisbury Steak? Why is it called Salisbury Steak?
It basically is a sauce that drenches the meat.
It's often tangy but in my opinion, can also be gamy. And nobody like me likes gamy shit.
So to ask such an important question?
Why, let's take a gander at what the Food Network thinks, shall we? In true fellowship.
i feel the calling of the ocean today.
i must go to the ocean.
sorry for the digression, marion berry.

OK, what you really want to know is about the Salisbury Steak question. And damn, it is important.
Dilly dally here, dilly dally there.
i suppose i could do what i need to do.
but fuck need.

OK, Salisbury Steak:
Now you can find out the true answer
right here.

Salisbury steak
Definition: [SAWLZ-beh-ree] Essentially a ground-beef patty that has been flavored with minced onion and seasonings before being fried or broiled. It was named after a 19th-century English physician, Dr. J. H. Salisbury, who recommended that his patients eat plenty of beef for all manner of ailments. Salisbury steak is often served with gravy made from pan drippings.

I love drippings of all kinds.
Especially involving meat.
It makes me happy as a clam.
Slam. Jam. Wham.
Thank you, Sir.

currently listening to: Need New Body UFO (File Thirteen Records)
verdict: eh, it's ok. random weirdness. Some stuff made me laugh. But see, they're one of those jokey, ironic indie bands that use electronics.
You know, THOSE types. See.
I mean, whatever, there's some good shit. it seemed like i liked 'show me your heart', a fine song.
'red as a bone' is funny, but it goes on too long, which they actually address in the song.
it's raw, man, you see. fucking raw.
dirty beats.
not unlike a dirty bomb.
on second thought, it's unlike a dirty bomb.
there goes a wailing siren from a cop car at 11:26 a.m. here in Oakland on a Sunday morning.
My work is never done.
I have films to watch, shit to do, stuff to inhale, people to push, jokers to call, and i'm supposed to go somewhere. but i don't want to go somewhere.
Why do i always have to go somewhere?
This, despite my yearning to go to the ocean today.
i need to be able to teleport places. this driving bullshit is so limiting. it's very frustrating.
when can i be cloned?
a world of me, golly.
that would be something.
don't read too much.
Your hat no longer fits correctly. Your gray matter has increased. be brave, young man, for tomorrow you may live.
Which is likely a good thing.
But never sacred or scared.
I think i've had quite enough of the the disquieting absurdity of need new body.

ha ha, very funny, mother fucker!

take your tablet before leaving my stasis.

your servant,

mitosis monk

supplemental - 11:35 a.m.

We wanna to be sedated -- ... er ... We already are sedated!!

Remember the days when you weren't paranoid?
Or better yet, remember the days when you had emotions?

Anti-Depressant 'Found in Drinking Water'

Prozac Discovered in Britain's Drinking Water Supply

currently listening to: Panthers Things Are Strange (Vice, released 9.28.04)
verdict: not bad, not as annoying as Need New Body, BIG raw fat rock sound. Brooding and fairly predictable, thought that's not necessarily a bad thing as righteous rocking outweights derivitive-ness.
so yeah. whatever.
Shaniquia is here and displeased.
i sold a cd last night for $5.
they said 'you look like someone who knows what's good.' um, ok. thanks.
maybe rocking is for good, not bad.
let me people go.


Rick James is dead, bitch

Here's a a bit more info on the late Mr. James.
Alas, alas.

Funk Musician Rick James Dies; Sang 'Super Freak'

Rick James' death remains a mystery

Kanye West, Others Remember Rick James As A Visionary

'Super Freak' singer Rick James dies

More news on The Brown Bunny, pompous ass Vincent Gallo's film that was roundly derided at Cannes Film Festival last year.
It's finally being released and it's already creating more controversy due to the raunchy billboard advertising it in LA. Seems as if ol' Vincent is creating another press frenzy.

Controversial "Brown Bunny" billboard comes down

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