Sunday, August 29, 2004

shotput your love into my extenuating circumstance of love attachment syndrome sucker mc

oh my god, have you heard the news? besides that there's good rockin' a midnight (and the ensuing 59 minutes thereafter - fuck 1 a.m.!)
suck face for all (see on golden pond for more answers and details.

yes, it's true.
sit the fuck down, shut your asshole to the windtunnel and let go your mind into the bedeviling incident from which you are about to receive.

i tell the truth, fuckstain.
you fucking fuckhandle.
at least you have dignity.

remember Laura Branigan?
she sang that song "Gloria" back in the day, in the 1980s.

well, she's dead.
it's true.
just 47 years old. died in her sleep.
i haven't thought about laura branigan, in any real sense, in god, 20 years?
what the fuck?
so yeah, pop culture fascination rears its ugly head, bitch ass.

crotch cricket.

it's the prize you need.
and enjoy.
pampy will be around thursday night.
pampy the klown.
a fine choice for american maestro.
i dare say.

so yeah, laura branigan is dead.
people die all the time.
the population is constantly changing.
it's interesting to think about.
there is no static thought left on earth.
everything is a follow-up.

maybe babies have original thoughts.
but who can deciper what babies are thinking?
it's all conjecture and lies anyway.

i have a bad feeling that Bush is going to win.
i fucking hate that i think that.
but it's there.
fucking hell mother fucking goddamn fucking hell.
why oh why and how can bush win again?
it's almost as if people are being defiant just for the sake of being defiant and blindly electing someone they know in their heart of hearts, is an incompetent fuckstain deserving of a severe ass kicking.
i'm serious.
i don't think i can take four more years of hating on bushie.
i think i may have to seriously consider moving out of country.
i could go to montreal.

montreal is in my destiny, isn't it?
just like san francisco is/was.

i love that i lead my life somewhat (mmm, mostly) by instinct.
my theory is that none of us really know what the fuck is going on at any given moment, so why keep pretending like we do all know what's up?
it's stupid.
isn't this all really fucking fun?
i think so.
god bless us, everyone.
even bob crachit.

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