Friday, April 11, 2003

fight the real enemy (with apologies to sinead)

the real enemy are parking patrol officers. let's bomb them instead. how can you turn against your fellow human beings like that? everybody needs to make a buck, but come on. you have serious self-hate issues if you're a parking person. no question. and likely, a jones for powertripping.
in college, we used to bomb them by throwing various food items we stole from the cafeteria (what can i say, i was 19). hell, my roommate (or was it my brother?) saved eggs for like weeks/months (can't recall) and threw 'em. that must have been fun.
then again, the college parking fuckers were total Nazis.
parking people - they can't make all that much money and i'd bet it's hourly. the upside would be that you're working by yourself a lot and moving at your own speed. i wonder if they have a quota? people always suggest that but i've never known anyone to ever confirm it yes or no.

i see the same mother fuckers every day in this part of San Francisco, in Potrero hill. i walk down 16th every day and see all the junkies and various peeps.
the same dealer-looking black dude who's always sitting somewhere with people around him, he with the big fucking boil on the side of his face. yeah, you read that right.
anyway, this part of the city just isn't as exciting.
i actually miss the chaos of downtown. however, i like learning about the various areas of the city.
even the peets is too damn slow, but i go there because i need my good lattes to be strong and of good moral character.
they move soooo muchhhh slower at this peets, damn.
i wanna be in and outta there in 5 minutes, not 15.

however, the Mexican women (all quite short, i noted today) at New York Bagel next door (with jamba juice inbetween - i'm an eager patron of all three) keep their shit moving. they're on it, usually. they get a gold star today.

i found a random bra on the sidewalk the other day on alabama. i wondered "from whence does this bra come? was it stolen clothing and they forgot something? was it a woman on her way to do laundry and dropped it after finding out she was going to be late getting home to watch the conclusion of "joe millionaire." maybe it was some girl on her way home early in the morning after an unplanned one-nighter with Joey down at the Ill Perata. i estimated it to be about a B cup, though i didn't pick it up, so i'll never know.

i saw an inordinate amount of people riding scooters today. what's up with that? motorized scooters, mind you, not those shitty ones you have to use your own inept human power. who needs human power for that shit anyway? we're a civilized society, right? we shouldn't be forced to move from place to place by ourselves? we need help from machines! yes yes yes!

i'm putting my headphones back on.
because i'm still here working at aol music. it's difficult work i tell you. very very difficult. only one to three people in afghanistan could do what i'm doing right now.
remember that next election.

Drop the right kind of bomb

and also, this is, at least, something to think about.
Statue toppling wasn't what it seemed

the U.S. government, manipulating the media? no way, it can't be. i just don't believe it. i saw it on tv. it MUST be true.

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