Wednesday, April 09, 2003

it's the most wonderful time, of the year...

so it's one of those "historical days" type and what have i got for you?
well, jackhammer, take a look at this wonderful piece of the pie.
remember to wear your blankets.

from AllHipHop

"After 2 years in jail, ODB has reinvented himself with a new name - Dirt McGirt ODB. 'He's coming out & feels its time to start over & take the world by storm,' manager Jared Weisfeld told 'He's going to be Ol' Dirty Businessman now.' ODB will release a line of underwear & clothing line this year. Dirt has assumed different monikers including the infamous Big Baby Jesus."

now see man, i LOVED big baby jesus. why did odb have to lost that name? that was a good one, damn you pencil neck.
i loved that shit.
more than vanilla d.
more than pechunka c.

and you know the drill.

damn, where is mc 900 foot jesus today?

the last song on the new white stripes album is pretty funny.
i'm officially trendy - i purchased tickets to see the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in san francisco.
i guess i've sold out too.
fuck, what will the indie kids say to me now?

gravy is not as good as i say it is. gravy is just a fun word to say.
i'm using a laptop right now.
i have sweat coming from my naked skin.
too bad i'm not nude (there is a difference you know).

i have always hated pencils.

weasels aren't that cool.

my bowling pin kicks ass.

lame ass gelatin never works out.

people love vanilla ice cream.

don't they?
grandma always loved soup.

yes, she did.

my left eye hurts.
thanks a lot liz phair.

where are thou liz?

oh yeah, they toppled the saddam statue today.
or should i say, yesterday, since, we here in the bay area are 11 hours behind them.
so right now it's nearly 11 a.m. in baghdad.
b.o.b. indeed.

fierce fighting continues.
now we just need to figure out a way to get bush out of office.
dammit jim, i'm a piercer not a protector.

lay me down to sleep, soul breakers

your king stinks.

keep on wearing those eggshells, monsignor.
they'll look great with your hat.

see you real soon numbchucks!

your favorite pontiff in the whole wide fucking world,

pantry clump

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