Tuesday, April 08, 2003

so much to talk about and so little to say in the amount of time we have oh dear lord.

goodness gracious, i got me stored up in a turnpike.

looks like salad again, at least for ol' uncle grumpa.

so yeah.. i can't believe all this shit of late. the latest greatness is the oakland police shooting rubber bullets and wooden pellets at the nonviolent demonstrators. even the longshoremen, who the PD was supposedly protecting, were hit in the crossfire and one fellow even commented that there was no need for that kind of force.

but such is life now.
turmoil turmoil turmoil.
and yes, more turmoil.
and drama too.
cakes cakes cakes.

everybody loves cakes.
too bad you can't have anymore cake, for i have taken that cake and laid it to rest for someone else to enjoy.
hey hey hey.
larry decided to drop me off at the fisherman's lodge today.
grandma chicken decided it was a good day to take medicine.
medicine man no hands can they sand a man bland cand.

canned wheat makes me feel funny in the summertime.
canned heat is going up to the country.
strumming all the way.
fiery depths of hell await your masterful goodness.

too bad i wore shoes today.
i would have liked to have had bacon and spaghetti.

i went to pakwan today in the mission. that is a fine pakistani establishment, i must say.
sure, the counter help is a bit, errrm, stern and/or cantankerous, but hey, they serve up hearty dishes of steaming hot goodness.
god, i could be writing a damn porno right now.
and then we wandered off into the back, her sweaty back exposed under the gaudy fluorescent light, the polyester clinging to her round, supple ass like a sopping wet sheet.
see, i rule america and the free world of china.
english speaking people please do not apply.
your face does not apply.
you are not an animal.
you are a robot.
you are so beautiful.
to meeeee.
can't you seeee.

baked ham is never better this time of year..Kurds love ham.
people often believe i am asian.
they do.
some people. a few of them at least.
dammit jim, i'm a doctor not a bricklayer.
or a hypodermic needle.

stabbing is better.
scabs are better.
luscious jackson is not better.

make love to milkmaids tomorrow.

suck mammals.

territorial dressings,

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