Wednesday, April 23, 2003

I want to fuck the white stripes right now

as in, of late. specifically, the last week and a half. but i hate to get too specific about that shit.
boils the mind.
and i love to be boiled.
not really. that's not the point.

the point is that i want to fuck the white stripes right now.

digest that for a second or seven.



see, and here's where it gets tricky, i don't want to ACTUALLY fuck Jack or Meg White (i mean, i'd probably lean toward meg if there were such a decision to be made, but she's got a pretty nice bosom and god knows, i love me a good bosom) in the biblical sense of the word, but fuck them as a concept.
i'll give you another break. i'm going to get some more wine (two-buck chuck).

on a sidenote, i'm really enjoying this prefuse 73 album (the older one, vocal studies) i'm listening to right now. i am quite, uh, differentiated, at this moment.
you understand. and it's calming me. yes.

my whole life is a series of sentences interrupted by scores of parenthetical sidetracking. it's true.

back to the matter at hand, i mean, c'mon, i do want to fuck the white stripes. they are just getting me off of late. i'm so digging that album and i haven't been into an album in a while. i always seem to come late to the parade for this kind of shit. why? i guess not always because i'm a good picker of soon to be hits too.
depends i suppose.

whatever, they rock. i'm digging their scene like the blow monkeys and shit.
and shit.

it's killing me softly with their love, killing me softly. softly. as soft as a baby's soft spot. which is something that makes me feel like it needs to be tested, that soft spot. think about it. every time, especially as a kid when you were told to 'never touch your sister's/brother's soft spot! bad bad timmy! timmy, don't! you're punished, now go to your room and read more of those subversive books of yours and listen to that satanic music. you are bad for wanting to touch (said sibling)'s soft spot!"
ok, that may not have been exactly how that went down but close.

free to be you and me.

back to what i was saying.
dunno why but the white stripes is hitting me right right now. i've been in a rock mood of late. funny, when i was in miami i felt like that dance vibe was coming back to me but WMC is a fantasyland, a time reserved for itself...kind of like burning man is a specific time set aside, nothing is comparable and you go with the vibe for the week....same thing for miami, i mean...WMC week miami in south beach.
crack baby.
not that i'm not digging the dance scene...but i like this change of pace, break out of the norm..i've always been a person of phases and this is one of those times.
i hear phases.

i listened the new liz phair record today. not sure about it.
overproduced...yet there are some hot horny tracks on there. ...ooh, i always thought she was hot in a girl rock star way....kinda rough around the edges and fucked up...not necessarily super pretty but that's why she's hot....she's inadvertently hot. however, now that she's divorced, she's available and therefore hotter.
there's this song "favorite" where she compares this guy (i'm assuming. could be a woman, huh? she's pretty horny. heh) to fitting perfectly like her favorite underwear. you gotta dig on that.

that song is more like the old kinda raunchy blunt liz phair we all know and love. but there's also this sheryl crow-sound shit that made me want to throw some random wild game through a window. and that never happens.
not that i would do that. i love animals and would feel guilty about it for the rest of my life. no, i'll stick to accidentally killing bugs while walking and call my killing spree to end.
but yeah. nasty.
but it's not bad.
also, new madonna came out today.
hmmmmm. i'm a pop culture freak so i gotta hear that shit you know.

ok, i need to also say that i listened red rider's "lunatic fringe' today. love that guitar riff.
i love working for a place where i can pretty much satisfy almost any sort of musical whim that may cross my mind. virtually anything! so you know, this gig i got, it's not too bad. i'm making the most of it while i'm there.....this job. started as a temp, and got offered to stay. yay! sometimes good things happen to those who believe in the good. sniff sniff.
and furthermore, the bunny bunny jam jam was a fucking freaknoize and shit. nuts and crazy and crazy and crazy and fucked up. yo. i''ll have to post some pics for that. but fuck, who has the time.
my god, it's full of stars.

lower me into a bucket, i'm bursting like ellen burstyn.
sailing like sail-ass.
this kitty laying by the heater is tired.
and she's laying on my bag.

the one that i accidentally dumped an entire bottle (33.8 ounces to be exact) of water because, silly me!, i neglected to put the cover of the bottle back on~
pussy ass pussy.
hefty is a really good label.

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