Monday, April 14, 2003

things that are rocking my scene, currently

Hefty Records Sampler - near-perfect weirdo experimental electronic music. really good crackly minimal shit. From The Wire.

The White Stripes - Elephant: Play it really fucking loud. the last track is hilarious "Well It's True That We Love One Another" (reminds me of Mamas & Papas' "Creeque Alley" - nobody else has noticed this?), though Meg can't sing to save her life. soooo flat, her vocals are unbelievably bad, comical. The 3rd track is amazing too - "There's No Home For You Here"

Chicago - yeah, i'm way way late to this bandwagon but i'm on it. call me a follower. call me sold out. i dug it and want to see it again.

Google News

Cat Cookies for People

The POW's being found, especially Shoshana Johnson,
because i was rooting for her the most. is that wrong of me to be rooting for some POW's over others? regardless, she was the one POW i remembered. And see, people can be for PEACE and still have compassion for the soldiers. god knows, they didn't make the decision to go. that would have been, as Saddam liked to call him, "Little Bush."

Cuntle - speaking of Bush, this is a new word that i recently made up that i kind of like. rolls both off and into the tongue.

Some shit that kind of sucks

The "war" for obvious reasons
The death of journalist David Bloom
the supposed "new" war we're starting with Syria
Cat cookies for people - they give me gas.

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