Thursday, June 24, 2004

54 Percent Now Say Iraq War Was A Mistake

More Bad News For The Bush Administration
Once again, i say, are we at all surprised?
I should say not.
People are realizing the needless slaughter of thousands of people isn't helping anyone.
While of course I'm happy Saddam Hussein is no longer in power, there were other ways we could have gone about removing the dictator. Invading a country halfway around the world with no real plan certainly wasn't the right way.

Dick Cheney Tells Sen. Patrick Leahy To 'Go Fuck Yourself'

I'm so glad Vice President Cheney is behaving responsibly by cursing out a Democratic Senator in the Senate Chambers.
Real class, asshole.
Go Fuck Yourself Cheney

Cheney is definitely helping bring the Bush Administration down.
Bush is a fool for sticking with him.

But then again, Bush is a smug, stupid prick, so...

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