Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Pistons Win, Yahoo Email Users Lose






(though it wasn't nearly that close)

It's true, the Detroit Pistons are the 2004 NBA World Champions.
I'm super stoked.
I wish i was in Detroit right now, but oh well.
They so dominated the Los Angeles Fakers.
It feels good.
I mean, i'm not huge sports enthusiast, but the Pistons have always held a very special place in my heart. I think it had something to do with me being really into the Pistons back in the 1980s, when they lost that heartbreaking defeat to the Boston Celtics in 1987, then lost to the Los Angeles Lakers in 1988 in seven games, and finally took the damn thing in a sweep in 1989. They also won in 1990, but the '89 season was a truly magical era.
The Bad Boys. Vinnie Johnson. Joe Dumars (who put the current team together). Isaiah Thomas. Rick Mahorn. John Salley. Chuck Nevitt. Bill Laimbeer. Dennis Rodman. All those mother fuckers.
Listen to me, talking sports and shit. yes yes.

for now,

New Yahoo email a joke

it's almost laughable what Yahoo has tried to do to play catch-up with Google. Not like Yahoo has anything to worry about -- yet. Right now, Yahoo is sitting pretty atop the free email gauntlet, with something like 35 million subscribers. I believe MSN is second.
Google stripped everything down to the bare minimum, as well as allowed totally searchable emails (as in, say, you wanted to search through all your emails to see every time the word 'yellow' appeared. no problem. you can find as quickly as doing a google search). There's hardly any ads, and of course, the big prize, the 1gb of storage, is insane.
Yahoo tried to catch up by offering 100mb to each person.
but they added all this gimmicky dress-up shit to the interface that just looks stupid and loads slower. And for some fucking reason, now when i hit "reply to," the previous email i'm responding to doesn't even show up in the fucking window (but only my PC at work, not my Mac at home - but why would that make the least bit of difference?). and this is despite the fact that my mail options specifically state that i'm supposed to have a portion of the email show up in the window.
Yahoo released this before all the bugs have been worked out. and that's stupid.
See google did it right by allowing you to see the entire thread of email exchanges you might have with one person and keeps them all together so you can show them all on your screen or only the newest one.

And they've built up anticipation by only allowing a few people to try it out at a time.

yes, i have a Gmail account. i know they're in high demand.
luckily i knew somebody that worked at Google. that's how it works buster.
all my earthlink mail gets forwarded to Gmail.
Maybe Yahoo is next.
Why bother with dumb old yahoo when Gmail kicks the shit out of it?

Be scared, Yahoo. Gmail will do damage.

oh, and in case you forgot...


ADDENDUM: So guess what? Yahoo has experienced 'technical glitches' the last few days. oooh, really?

Glitch This, Yahoo!

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