Tuesday, June 15, 2004

remember, walking in the sandbox is bad -- because of QUICKSAND!
What happened to quicksand? Remember when it used to be the scourge of every man, woman and child in this world, spelling doom for anyone who had ever been caught in its murky clutches.
At best, quicksand was a giant, viscous waterhole in the ground in which anyone who fell in was sucked into the ground by some sort of unseen force. I seem to recall it being on shows like "Gilligan's Island" or "Land Of The Lost."
It's hard to say. I know it was when i was a kid that i was so deathly afraid of quicksand, caused by the devil's playground that is television.

cliches rock
i'm going to bite the bullet here and let you know i've got a line on a tux place that will really hurt my finances. So i'm going to need your help. Don't make me push you down a flight of stairs. Viscosity fucking rules.

important hammer quality
my stomach really fucking hurts right now. maybe it needs food. maybe i need food. goddamn human limitations. it's bullshit. when can i be a robot? Or a replicant? i need a new body. And no, i'm not talking about the band Need New Body. You should know better.

passionate clothing
not to be confused with adult.'s "dispassionate furniture." Thanks.

websites are the scourge of America and what makes this country great
Important documents to follow. Please read along with your partner or buddy. Remember, we're on the buddy system here. Not to be confused by the decent band The Buddy System. Thanks.

reading is for idiots
I am such a fucking idiot, too.
British drug company announces cocaine 'vaccine'
It's funny how different these two stories are in terms of approach. The UK version seems to be more skeptical than the US version.
How cocaine vaccine blocks the high

Wow, to use yet still more cliches, this story had me riveted.
Taking Life's Final Exit
Have videogame sex. Virtual City Of Smut Now Online
Here's yet more good news about the U.S. government. I'm glad my taxes are being put to good use. The Son of Patriot Act Also Rises

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Ted R. said...

bMindful, here

I soooo hear you on the quicksand stuff. From Abbott & Costelly, to Scooby Doo, to Tarzan Hollywood made it seem like the stuff was everywhere and one step in and you;re a gooner...though of course the hero could always get pulled out at the last minute. Yet I watched my step and feared the stuff sure it could be anywhere. Of course I also thought for a while that dinosaurs still lived in some parts of the Earth.