Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Here's some comforting news about privacy

More False Information From TSA
Basically, if you've flown on Delta, Continental, America West, JetBlue and Frontier Airlines in 2002 & 2003, the government knows about you were onboard.
Me, i flew on all but Frontier and Continental in those years. I wonder how big my file is?

AOL Worker Sells 92 Million Names
If that's not enough, AOL users may have something to worry about too (in addition to still being an aol user, bad enough as it is).

Looking good!

Male Marital Outlook Linked to Upbringing
This is particularly funny to me because i so fit this scenario, growing up in a stable, 'christian-friendly' family, and yet, i think marriage is a ridiculous institution that we're still pressured into doing as a society. I've been with my partner for eight years and we see no need to get married.
As she often says, "I don't need a piece of paper to confirm that i care about someone."
I mean, i realize that virtually everyone does get married eventually. But why does it have to be that way? I dunno.
anyway, it's funny how people try to fit you into a nice box because you follow specifics trends.
on the other hand, polls and such reflect constantly shifting moods and are usually pretty accurate.

I heard a great interview with writer E.J. Dionne (Washington Post) this morning on NPR, in regards to his new book Stand Up and Fight Back. He's one of the few more liberal commentators out there who is able to maintain an objective opinion when it comes to assessing the Bush Administration and the Democrats. I mean, he's still a self-described 'Massachusetts Liberal,' but at least he's not so obviously reactionary like so many of these other so-called pundits out there.

Beastie Boys Debut at No. 1
i haven't listened to the entire new cd yet but what i've heard, i found kind of boring. regardless, i'm kind of surprised they debuted at no. 1. obviously they did a TON of publicity this time around but i dunno, to me the beasties seem played. they're done.
they're certainly not 'boys' anymore. mike d is looking mighty old these days, prematurely so, actually.
living hard seems to hit white people the hardest as they age. weird.

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Ted R. said...

I would bet dollars to donuts they had a contractual agreement to release a record. At least that would explain why they put out a rehash of their previous work.

On the other hand I still have high expectations for the band. Once they do realize they are no longer boys (and were never real b-boys) they may start to see what the Beastie Adults might want to say. They have great vision and hopes for world. They will take their capabilities and channel their capabilities in a new way before too long. We'd only be so lucky if that actually happens