Sunday, June 27, 2004

no dice on the new Peets in Alameda

while i'm stoked a Peets Coffee has been added in the close-by town of Alameda, they have a long way to go.
i mean, shit, they've only been open a week and all, so i'm willing to give them a bit of slack. but damn, what's up? my easy-as-fuck-to-make Large Lofat Latte (3 shots of lovin' espresso and steamed milk) should not be a problem but it was, unfortunately. flat, shitty milk and too much foam at that. i was a barista, i know these things.
these folks have a way to go before they're ready for the world.
thing is, they're across the street from StarFucks, so i'm happy they're taking on the corporate bastards that they are, because i believe in Peets. it just sucks when the things i believe in disappoint me.
i'm an idealist, see?
i don't want no mother fuckin' flim-flam, see?

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