Monday, January 19, 2004

Crazy! John Kerry pulls it out in Iowa, with John Edwards a very close second

Well, i can't believe it. John Kerry pulled it out in Iowa with a win there. To be honest, months ago i was praising Kerry, that i liked his balance of being a Clinton-type Dem but not nearly as sleazy as ol' bill was. i love bill, but c'mon.
So i hope this brings him up in the polls for new hampshire. wow, and who would have imagined that Dean placed third? But i dunno, we'll see what happens in New Hampshire now. Clark is surging, and this will surely give a bounce to Kerry and Edwards, who was a close second in Iowa. It looks like Gephardt is going to drop out, which is a good idea. Nice enough fella but he's just not cut out to be prez.
Dunno why. Some people have it, some people don't. He doesn't.

but you know, that's one thing that i think troubles people about Dean. I'm just not totally sure if he could pull it off. Hence, why i've always been hesitant about him. I do like him though. i like his fiesty nature and i think that's what's been shaking things up. But Kerry really does have the experience, for sure. So funny how the press just kinda wrote him off a long time ago. And somehow out of nowhere, he pulls it out. Just nuts. Especially for the fact he's from Massachusetts. He's not a hometown boy by any stretch.

Plus all of Kerry's military heroism doesn't hurt. In fact, that could really help him get the moderate vote down the stretch. And Bush couldn't say shit his military might. Though this would mean yet another uber-wealthy man competing for high office and he's been a politician for a long time. we'll see what happens in New Hampshire. It's really a four-man race at this point and honestly, it's anybody's ball game right now. Kerry, Dean, Edwards and Clark.

Dammit Lieberman, would you just quit already? once you lose in New Hampshire? Please?

And on the heels of this interesting news, comes some troubling numbers for Bush.

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