Saturday, January 10, 2004

strange days

jim morrison knew what he was talking about, didn't he?

i mean, fuck, we live in a world in which Curve sounds exactly the same in 2003 as they did in 1992? how is that possible?

a world in which my cat ("the kitty") tries to constantly stop me from writing down these sordid tales i'm telling by laying on my wrist whilst i'm attempting to navigate this hear computer thingie.

a world in which courtney love and whitney houston still exist and john lennon and john belushi do not?

what is going on?

it's fucking bullshit, everything. the whole lot.
everything you know. it's all bullshit.
our lives, bullshit.
see, dammit, maybe the matrix was right. we are all drones.
see, look at me get all heavy duty and shit.
see, i'm just a man with a gun not in my hand.

or a knife. though i better watch my girlfriend. look what happened to elliott smith.
i should keep things positive, yes? in my personal writings on the world wide web, where nobody will EVER find out what i'm saying.

see it's all secret.

and i know this. my atari 2600 never did me no wrong. i never got no colecovision. shit.

simple things.

it's all about simple things.

the nothingness is the everythingness.

ant traps are a good thing.

you know, i just thought of something.
sometimes, being too enlightened, too educated about the world and all the SHIT that is going on, can be a negative thing.
maybe ignorant bliss is the path to the happiness.
i don't really believe that, but it's a neat idea.
what if i've got it all wrong too?
god knows, i wish my enlightened views could somehow translate to millions/billions of dollars at my disposal.
shit, that'd be like, super-cool.
for sure.

but of course, i'm also a realist, which is weird cuz i also consider myself a idealist (yeah, big duality issues--- still haven't seen a therapist though).
it's all a big jumbled mess, you see.

i feel like, with apologies to ralph macchio, i'm at a crossroads right now. and i've gotta make the right choice or end up like buster poindexter.
or like bert convy, bill bixby or michael landon.
i wanna be like jack barry. he was fucking cool on the joker's wild.

those were the days.
fuck yeah.
ABC's That's Incredible!was a cool show too. fran tarkenton (how can you go wrong with a former NFL quarterback as your host?), cathy lee crosby (slut) and john davidson (cheeseball). they fucking rocked.
and they made me more scared of ghosts than i already was.

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