Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Dean's in Trouble

i am starting to sense more unease among the so-called "Dean-iacs."
that whole yelling thing that seems to be such the uproar is fucking cracking my shit UP!!!

oh my god, this man, dr. dean, is so goddamned entertaining. it'll be a true joy to see this man spend all that money he raised, which will be in vain, as you know.

god, it's really fucking crazy. this presidential race is fucking funny. i am loving it, really.

the day-to-day drama, etc. i'm super-glad to see that lieberman is a non-starter. thank fucking god. yes, mikey, new hampshire DOES pick presidents.

but we shall see if that will be true.

i must admit. after kerry's win in Iowa, a supposed piece of shit non-kingmaker, as it were, i DID actually check out his website for the first time.

a little dull, but...the more i think about the genius, the improbability of Kerry being the eventual Dem nominee and having even sort of a chance against W...well, i think it somehow kind of works. he's a moderate, he's rich, basically he wouldn't be all that different from a Clinton Administration, really. plus he has the military experience, the war hero thing, while mr. bush, well, he's got that texas army national guard that he sort dropped outta, by accident, 'course.

currently playing: Azure Ray - damn, these guys fucking rule, don't they?" sheeit. and dammit it all to hell.


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