Wednesday, January 21, 2004

There goes my theory that Limousines never get pulled over by cops

Just ask Art Garfunkel.

also, CNN ran this story earlier tonight regarding what are the favorite albums the Democratic candidates are listening to while campaigning. Kerry named the Beatles' Abbey Road, not much of a surprise, while Wesley Clark said he was listening to The Best Of Journey (no, really), and Howard Dean was rocking out with some Wyclef Jean's latest. i don't recall what they had down for John Edwards.
now, come on, howard dean is not rocking out to Wyclef Jean. no way.
and Wesley Clark listening to fucking Journey??? gross.

these are important stories that are affecting our very livelihood, now aren't they?

welcome to miami
uh oh, looks like the first edition of the new Miami Master List, now titled M3 Master List, and for some reason, it reminded me of the various times i traveled down to Florida for Spring Break, specifically Daytona Beach, my senior high school year when we went on a damn bus. ah, i recall when my friend Jeff got up and actually just started peeing on the carpet floor at the end of the bed, rather than go all the way to the bathroom. indeed, those were the days.

am i going to miami for WMC this year? hmmm, i'm leaning toward it, yes.

another word in my ever-growing list of words that are used by print publications that are never used in everyday speech:
pooh-poohed, much like rebuffed, is not used by you or i. ever.

here's a headline from the Hartford Courant, "Pope's `Passion' plug pooh-poohed"

hilarity, i tell you, grandma.


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