Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Smug Mug

This is a stream-of-consciousness entry concerning George W. Bush's State Of The Union Address, Tuesday, January 20, 2004. I quote Mr. Bush often, but you will notice that some quotations marks arent' where they should be, simply because i decided to leave the raw text i wrote as it happened, as the Fool was saying it.
In other words, it may be a
BIT confusing as you read along.
Still, i feel like i captured my instant emotions in this context and therefore -- i'm being all artistic and shit -- i'm leaving it, as is.

and here we go....

OK, how sad am i? i rushed home to make sure i'd see the beginning of Bush' State of the Union Address.

And already it's cracking me up. What an asshole he is, trumpeting the Patriot Act, saying that it's necessary to renew many elements of the totally invasive act to "root out terrorism." Yeah, fuck you. Or root out its own citizens at a moment's notice from dickfuck John Asscroft.
it was funny, when bush mentioned that many things in the patriot act would be expiring next year and got a good amount of applause, undoubtedly from the Dems.

apparently america always does what it takes to make sure freedom prevails. that is, wherever we deem it necessary to stick our nose in and as long as it provides cash to american businesses up Bush's ass.
yeah, you're mr. tough guy bush. the u.s. will never be intimidated by thugs and assassins. the killers will fail and the iraqi people will live in freedom."
oh really? i'm sure they will by the end of June, when we're supposed to withdraw to ensure that bush doesn't get too fucked by any random killings of US soldiers and fuck up his potential election.

"no one can doubt the word of america?" oh really? how about when we promised to support afghanistan after we bombed the hell out of the taliban, the same people we readily worked with just months prior, in the hopes of gaining access to the potential oil pipeline running through the country. we had no problem with their tactics then. and last i checked, it was predominantly Saudi Arabian citizens who took part in the horrors of 9/11. Not the Taliban.
the Taliban were evil, yes, horrifyingly so, and we bombed them because it was pretty simple for Al Queda to set up shop there. but we did let them do it. it's not like we didn't know about it.

"the terrorists wanted to declare war on the United States and war is what they got." yeah, well, those terrorists were from a country that we're allies with. why didn't we bomb SA?

Sure, the world without Saddam is a safer place. but come on, bush, that's not why you invaded iraq.
oh please, now he's saying that all these other countries are involved in iraq? then why is paul Bremer at the UN right now attempting to get a UN coalition?

christ, he's is being such the tough guy. we don't need a permission slip to defend our country?
uh, ok.

oh no. now he's mentioned "God." please leave your God out of this.

we "confront" and "expect" things from other countries.
double the budget on national endowment on democracy? what?
bush seems like he wants a country that's more like a dictatorship, not a democracy. just cheap words he's throwing around.

we have no desire to dominate or become an empire? right.
just not in those specific terms. we are "leading the cause to freedom." right, right.

good job, georgie. you worked on saying "adversity" didn't you?

"this economy is strong and growing stronger."
yep. ok. jobs? good ones?

reduced the marraige penalty. good job.
lowered taxes.
"americans took those dollars and put them to work, driving this economy forward.
home ownership rates. highest ever."
exports are growing. " what about the huge export disparity with China, mr. bush?

"these numbers confirm that the american people are using their money far better than government would have and you were right to return it."
fuck you.

ooh, also a changing economy. we're more productive...health care and biotechnology (popular bay area), ah the "no child left behind act," which Bush gutted, as well as education. we're making progress twoard excellence for every child in america."

and, quick edit to kids hanging out in the audience.

status quo always has defenders. god, he comes off as such an arrogant prick. he knows best. everyone else is wrong. he's always right.

Jobs of the 21st Century, larger Pell grants for students. sounds great. (more kid shots). where will the money come from, George?

see, he says all these things that he wants to do but doesnt' follow up on the domestic issues.

Help more americans in growing productivty.
pro-growth economic

permanent tax cuts. riiiight. easy to say.

my god, he comes off so scary. really a harsh dictator, for sure.
oop, messed up "federal."
protect who from frivolous lawsuits? big business for sure.

modernize electricity, promote conservation and make america less reliant on foreign sources of energy. hard to lie through that whopper, george. you're an oil guy. you know that's where it comes from. there simply isn't oil here. what about alternative forms of energy?
jesus. such a crock of shit, all that. be vague.

privatizing social security??? oh yeah, great idea. uh huh. source of ownership for the american people?

budget, protects homeland, cut wasteful spending and be wise with the people's money. cut deficit in half over next five years??? ha ha ha.

i oppose amnesty. seems less passionate about this part. more like he's reading it.
ooh, a red-faced Asscroft. god, he's gross.

ooh, now it's on to medicare. exciting. no really. so exciting.
the drug discount card. too bad there's a HUGE loophole between the minimum/maximum limits.
(quick edit to gray panther).

drug bills cut in half...not true.

refundable tax credit to allow people to buy affordable health insurance.

stealing all these democratic

eliminate frivolous lawsuits for the medical profession. wellllll, that's a touchy subject.
catastrophic insurance can deduct 100% from our taxes.
government health care system is the wrong prescription!!!

holy fuck, he's angry. we will preserve private medicine!!! fucking no way!!!

damn, bush sooo selfish and mean of you.

to protect the health care system. and money from it.

ohhh god, now it's on to drugs.
400,000 fewer teens are using drugs. ok.

community based strategy to reduce demand for illegal drugs.
ha ha ha ha ha ha.
$23 million that want to use drug testing to 'save children's lives.'
please. for school children.
so arbitrary.

sports, team owners and get rid of steroids now. huh. weird.
tom brady, new england patriots QB in the crowd. he's clapping and super stoked.

STD time! sweet. prevent them from ever coming parents? double funding for abstinence programs, only certain way for young people to avoid STDs....oh. my. god.

fantasyland. jesus.

decisions they make can affect health and character. send right messages to our children. also value the institution of marriage. principal stand enduring institutions of our civilzation, defense of marriage act. protects marriage under federal law between man and woman.
people's voice must be heard. judges insist arbitrary will on people. our nation must defend the sanctity of marriage. cut to Santorum, gross pigfucker.
so is he saying that he's for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage or what? dignity and value in god's sight. please shut the fuck up. bored african american couple cut to.

that was weird.

see, bush didn't necessarily completely spell out what he was saying there...alluding to the a constitutional change though, so maybe he is. i'll have to look at that statement more.

faith based charities?? law wont' discriminate against them again. ok. what?

4-year $300 million prison relcation program? (cut to prisoner relocation system chief) a new proposal." america is the land to second chance."

"we're living in historic times." some letter from a kid named Ashley Pierson on how to save america. pandering to the troops time.
how about mentioning the 500 soldiers killed in YOUR war?

we now move forward with ??? and faith.

May God continue to bless America.

Just finished watching the immediate post-speech analysis by CBS and MY GOD, Dan Rather was soooo fawning about his speech, going on and on about how confident Bush was "and why shouldn't he be??" he says, going on about the majority in the House and Senate, the Supreme court (who appointed him, conveniently)...but then at the very end, Rather says "and now, in a moment, we'll hear from the OPPOSITION party." OK, the democrats are apparently the ENEMY in this scenario.
wow. just such bullshit. unbelievable pandering.

the press is already hooking on the line that "We don't need a permission slip to defend America" which was a swipe at Howard Dean's recent comment that we should have commiserated with other countries before deciding to act hastily and invade Iraq. which makes perfect sense, Georgie.

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